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Food allergies on the rise in Canada and around the world. There’s no clear answer why

SALTZMAN: Easily store -- and flash -- your vax proof on your smartphone

Scientists to investigate activity of new ‘Delta Plus’ variant in State

Property industry lobby groups have aggravated the housing problem

David McWilliams: The pandemic has allowed people to reconsider some of their key relationships, such as work, family, the boss, the rat race, the committed career working for one company. Many have decided that now is the time to change their lives

If Sinn Féin can keep such high levels of support it could be in power after the next election, experts say.

Eoin Burke-Kennedy: Property industry lobbyists have been instrumental in steering Government housing policy. But not once have their lobbied-for policies provided us with a viable solution to our housing problem. For the most part, they’ve aggravated it

Ireland has become Facebook’s ‘laundrette’ for tax avoidance, Denis O’Brien claims

Booster vaccines for nursing home staff ‘beyond critical’

Many changes need to happen long before the food reaches the shelves, so can the way we shop and eat make a difference?


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The warden of Skellig Michael: 'It was much more difficult when my children were younger. [Now] if the sea is rough, and I know that no boats are going to land on a certain day, that can be liberating, because then I know I’ve got my time to myself.'

Coronavirus live: UK records a further 44,985 Covid cases; vaccines alone not enough to curb variants – WHO

Fear, anger and sadness are natural emotions - and we should embrace them too. Learn more about mental health and how to help:

Of course Nats and Libs will strike a fraudulent climate deal, based on more coal and gas & 2030 targets that will fry us. Australia’s run by an accountant in a cowboy hat and a coal-hugger in a cap, neither of whom really want to take climate action. That’s our main problem.

If you want a climate policy that isn't written by Barnaby Joyce or Matt Canavan, there's only one choice: kicking out this tired old government.

the Met police is looking into whether this banner constitutes a criminal offence. WHAT? we aren’t in Saudi Arabia now - political dissent is allowed in the U.K., last time I checked

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Opinion | Joe Manchin and the GOP think Biden's plan to give parents bigger monthly checks will encourage people to quit their jobs. A new study shows that argument is garbage. By @AlexYablon .

No one would hold a by-election for Pearce now because it would be on the old boundaries which are nothing like next election boundaries. Be a nightmare for AEC and confusing for voters, #insiders  #auspol 

A Superhero that’s more powerful than the entire Marvel stable. MatkaMan. Apparently he was an entrepreneur in England & a cancer conqueror who returned to India to quietly serve the poor. Thank you Sir, for honouring the Bolero by making it a part of your noble work. 🙏🏽

Warm birthday greetings to the energetic @ianuragthakur . He has been instrumental in channelising the talent of our youth through sports. May he be blessed with good health & a long innings in the service of the nation.

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Scoops of the Week

To vote for @taylorswift13  to win Most Popular International Artist at the 2021 ARIA Awards in partnership with @youtubemusic  simply tweet the hashtag #ariastaylorswift  ! #ARIAs 

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In Canberra, the Morrison Government gave $197 million of JobKeeper to firms with rising revenues. Yet their neglect of universities has literally decimated the Australian National University, forcing it to shed 1 in 10 staff. #auspol  @2CC  @our_ANU 

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The "donaldjtrump" account of Trump's TRUTH Social has already been hacked.

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Here's the moment I was gagged in Parliament today for calling on Scott Morrison to stop protecting Christian Porter and establish a national anti-corruption commission. #auspol 

Indian Job Market Turns Bullish! 📈 Labour Participation Rate jumps to ~41% in Sep'21 ― highest in the past 12 months. The PLI scheme & business friendly policies launched by the Govt. is encouraging growth in hiring activity with a boom in demand & market confidence.

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On Trump's new social network, TRUTH Social, you can post TRUTHs, which are like tweets, or Re-TRUTHs, which are retweets. There's also a TRUTH Feed and notifications so you can know who’s interacting with your TRUTH’s

These sensors can also be built into clothing and even send results to your smartphone. The mask of the future? Learn more here:

Now apologise to them for approving & supporting the Adani coal mine, something Pacific leaders were pleading with you to stop.

Alec Baldwin fired prop gun accidentally killing a woman on set of movie Rust – sheriff

Once again the truth that could get you banned from social media is proven over time. So here’s the most likely scenario IMO: - Fauci funded gain-of-function research - Wuhan lab was doing GOF research - COVID came out of Wuhan lab - CCP covered it up - Fauci lied to congress