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Japan fully contained after its worst surge related to Delta, 💉 quickly rose to now 78% of total population w/ ≥ 1 dose, test positivity went from 25% to 1%, cases >23,000 to <400. Everything is open, no restrictions except use of masks. The mood is celebratory It can be done.

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SHIB has rallied nearly 500% this month, outshining bitcoin and dogecoin by big margins. reports @godbole17 

A 6.5-magnitude earthquake shook Taiwan's capital, Taipei, on Sunday and caused falling rocks that injured a woman and damaged a car. No deaths were reported

Announced climate pledges close less than 20% of the emissions gap between today’s policy settings and a #NetZero  by 2050 path. Technologies & policy action can close this gap by 2030, and over 40% of them are cost effective. Read more in #WEO21  ➡️

The responsibility for emissions reductions (including a carbon fee) in reconciliation now lies with the Senate, and a great many of us intend to meet that responsibility.

Rep. Nunes, Ric Grenell blast Fauci after NIH admits funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan@SundayFutures  @FoxNews  @DevinNunes 

How far are people going to go to get @federalreserve  Chair Powell renominated? First a cover up & whitewash of pandemic trading violations of clear #Fed  policies when they were specifically warned & now re-writing his history of deregulation? @JanetYelle @PresE @WHCOSectBidenn 

Time of injustice to people of Jammu is over: Home Minister Amit ShahTrack today's latest news here:

In August 2020, Africa was certified free of wild polio. Join with @Rotary  this #WorldPolioDay  as we work to #endpolio .   Learn how you can take action:

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Scoops of the Day

“Survivors are not the same as the unvaccinated…There should be a third category.” Some workers are asking that immunity from prior infection be recognized alongside vaccination as protection against Covid-19.

Dark money is behind the attacks on voting rights and the big-donor capture of the Supreme Court. Much like how cockroaches will scuttle away when the light comes on, we need the DISCLOSE Act to shine a spotlight on the secret forces corrupting our politics. #FreedomToVoteAct 

Covid boosters aren't being taken. Is that because a) the vaccines aren't available? b) the delivery system is not working? c) people aren't actually being asked? d) people believe Tory MPs and think Covid is over when that's not true? e) all of these things? (e) seems likely

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the ambassadors of 10 nations, including the U.S., Germany and France, were no longer welcome in Turkey after they demanded the release of a prominent businessman and philanthropist

Saudi Arabia said oil producers shouldn’t take the rise in prices for granted because the coronavirus pandemic could still hit demand

Expect many more creators to embrace NFTs in their own communities as they discover how much better they can monetize by selling digital goods directly to their fans vs banner ads and other web2 monetization methods.

Who let the dogs out? $SHIB is now the 11th largest coin by market cap! 😱

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Under 2019 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Abiy Ahmed's incompetent & corrupt leadership, people in #Ethiopia  are eating roots & flowers, hospitals have no medicine, & children are dying of starvation as the world's hunger crisis. Take a look. 

The growth of digital firms such as Amazon and Google may not augur the demise of the nation-state, writes @ianbremmer . But these companies increasingly hold geopolitical leverage and global influence independent of the countries that host them.


Scoops of the Week

Israel should rescind their blanket decision to label Palestinian civil rights organizations as terrorist groups. Many of these organizations are working to bring peace in the region and are vocal critics Hamas & the PA.

Pfizer's booster shot restored full protection against symptomatic Covid to 95.6% in a large-scale study of 10,000 people

Hyperinflation is going to change everything. It’s happening.

Starbase under construction

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We convened 100 of the most intriguing entrepreneurs at our 10th annual Builders + Innovators Summit. Watch how they're changing the world today! #GSInnovators 

The #FreedomToVoteAct  would end the scourge of dark money fueling partisan gerrymandering, attacks on our voting rights, and the big-donor capture of the Supreme Court. Let's get it passed.

Inflation could be “much worse” than feared, billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones says. “It’s probably the single biggest threat to certainly financial markets and probably I think to society just in general.”

Incredible. One of the most crucial links in the supply chain, has been for years, built on the premise that some workers would provide labor for free.

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Gasoline 42.1% ⬆️ Used cars 24.4% ⬆️ Meat 12.6% ⬆️ Electricity 5.5% ⬆️ The American people's faith in this administration? ⬇️