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Residents couldn't stop the demolition of 98 Superior Ave. The home was awaiting heritage status approval - 📹 @hectoravasquez  #Toronto  #TorontoDemolitionDemolition 

#Breaking : Ontario reported another 1,746 cases of COVID-19 this morning, as tougher restrictions go into effect in five regions of the province.

A mural inspired by #LateLateToyShow  star Adam King and his virtual hug sign has popped up in Dublin city centre. The artist behind the mural says it is a "gesture of hope". ❤️

Alright, Senate Republicans, we can't let another holiday go by without passing COVID relief. Americans can't wait. Let's come together and make a deal now.

#ModiKashiKisanCounter | There are certain undeniable HARD FACTS about farm laws. | INDIA UPFRONT with Rahul Shivshankar

"I know we've made mistakes and the responsibility for that is mine and mine alone" says First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Read the latest here:

I think this is India’s ‘1991 moment’ for agriculture and we can’t afford to get it derailed: @gurcharandas , Senior Economist & Author, tells Navika Kumar on @thenewshour . | #ModiKashiKisanCounter 

When England’s current lockdown ends on 2 December regions will be placed in one of three tiers - Medium - High - Very high Use our tool to find out what the restrictions are in your area ⬇️

Cyber Monday rush must not cost Amazon workers their health and safety. Workers’ right to unionize is a human right. Respecting this right is an obligation, not a choice. @amazon  should know better! #LetWorkersOrganize  #OrganizeAmazon 


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RT to tell @senatemajldr  that Americans need additional COVID-19 relief NOW.

@HayesBrown : Even on his way out, Pres. Trump continues to place white people's grievances over national security.

Trump: ‘If [Biden] is elected the stock market will crash.' The Stock Market: 📈📈📈📈📈

#SAVE12HKYOUTHS ⚠️ They are at imminent risk of torture ⚠️ Today marks the 100th day since the arrest of #12HKyouths  They have been subjected to some of the most common tactics from the Chinese police’s playbook. 🚨 Take action #SAVE12 👉

In Olympia, Washington, unarmed "crisis responders," wearing no uniforms, are being dispatched by 911 to de-escalate some conflicts and connect people with services.

Coronavirus cases dropped by around 30% in England during the country's second national lockdown, researchers say.

WATCH: Eyewitness captures double rainbow at sunset from an Australian beach

“We may see a surge upon a surge. We don’t want to frighten people but that’s just the reality,” Dr. Anthony Fauci tells @MarthaRaddatz , adding that he doesn't expect a relaxation of restrictions or travel advisories for the Christmas season.


Scoops of the Week

People are lining up for hours outside Vaughan Mills but you can't shop at a small business in your neighbourhood #Toronto  #VaughanMills  #BlackFriday  📹 monicatawa

Trump’s continued insistence that he won is scary. The President of the United States, with access to the nuclear codes, is living in a fantasy world.

“All I can say is, don't believe a word they tell us.” Former Diplomat to China, Matthew Henderson tells #60Mins  he has learnt his lesson from the communist superpower and hopes the world will soon follow suit.

President Donald Trump said for the first time he will leave office if the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden but made clear he's not prepared to concede

America has an unconquerable spirit, and don't let the 'left-wing' media tell you otherwise. - Newsmax TV's @Tom_Basile 

A new study says Twitter’s anti-Trump ‘corrections’ make some people more likely to believe Trump.

This week, #Newsnight 's report on the siege of Hong Kong Polytechnic University won a Foreign Press Association Award. In November 2019, @ggatehouse , @warwickhs  & @jackwgarland  reported from inside #PolyU , as police surrounded the campus 🎥 @FPALondon 

Hong Kong leader says she has "piles of cash at home," no bank account, due to U.S. sanctions

This is Trump's source: "Reports Thursday found Biden's live stream address got only one thousand views online." Source? A random guy's tweet. Then this "news anchor" called Biden's speech "another baseless attempt to pose as the winner of the recent elections."