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The @WNBA  is playing it’s games tonight according to @sportsiren  on @espn . #JacobBlakeshooting  #nba  #NBABoycott 

Never Forget 911. To all those who lost family and friends, my heart continues to go out to you on this day. To all the first responders, paramedics, firefighters, police officers who risked their lives on that horrific day, I am eternally grateful. #NeverForget  #NeverForget911911 

I can be found on @SportsCenter  tonight from LA! Back with @stanverrett  !😎

Thanks for watching @SportsCenter  right now with me and @stanverrett  from LA! 😎

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Hope this game doesn’t come down to a Badgely field goal try if you’re a Chargers fan.

Hope you all had a great Christmas. @stanverrett  and I are coming up on @SportsCenter  after the game!

How in the world can the @Eagles  players and their fans be happy with their coach’s madness. His obvious intent not to win this game or just flat out stupidity in removing Jalen Hurts from the game is an embarrassing way to end the NFL regular season.


This incredible production by Kobe will bring many more tears now that he’s gone. RIP Kobe ?

Eli please go where you’re wanted. You don’t deserve this treatment from the Giants. You deserve a team GM that builds around you unlike Jerry Reese. Not throw you under the bus like Mcadoo. Your deer in headlights coach. What a joke.

For those @Twitter  users, like me, losing followers because you care, post and share thoughts, videos, reports of what is going on in our country right now, instead of just sticking to sports, don’t worry about it. As my mother used to say “Their Loss”. Keep being you. ❤️

I can't believe he is gone. There was nobody like Stuart Scott, There will never be again. A big presence with even a bigger heart. RIP SS.

Never underestimate a player's desire to play for his hometown team. Dwayne Wade is going home to Chicago and will sign with the Bulls.

NBC is showing reruns of Dateline NBC and a comedy show. Tonight's game is on NBCSN. Hard to sell the game that way.

St Louis Blues Jay Bouwmeester “alert, awake and on his way to local hospital” after collapsing behind players bench. Game in Anaheim delayed. Likely will be postponed.

I think we are all in agreement. Yoenis Cespedes is in the NL MVP conversation after just six weeks in a @Mets  uniform. #mets