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Also, looks like it's basically the same writing team as the Sense8 finale. MAKE OF THAT WHAT YOU WILL.

Whoever came up with the name deserves a promotion. Maybe two promotions.

@smc90  Dark Forest feels a little more uneven, but it has my favorite scenes in the whole series (the Doomsday battle, the Wallfacer revelations, the battle of darkness, everything with Luo Ji at the end)

"Which one is doing better at [entertaining us] in our pathetic, take-what-we-can-get-out-of-the-terrible-capitalist-dystopia-that-we’ve-created-world? Let’s go with Marvel! Marvel is the better one" @etherington  makes a pro-Marvel argument I can support

Walked past a group of NYU Class of 2023 students and I swear I could feel the decay of my body and the approach of death

I look forward to watching this in 20 years

This is fun, though it seems to overlook the fact that plenty of early-stage startup news isn't specifically about funding

Hi friends if you want to come to Disrupt SF but were waiting for a friends-and-family discount code, good news! WE'RE ALL FAMILY HERE

The average preshow at AMC movie theaters is 20 minutes. I knew it was bad, but I guess was in denial that it was *this* bad


It's Valentine's Day and I just watched Diana Agron from Glee fake an orgasm on-stage.

It's official: and are leaving ! Here's the full memo from #am2dm , for those if you who are into that kind of thing

If you've been wondering about all those startup ads on the subway, I wrote a thing about it

So the standard is "not as bad as heroin"?

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Nothing says winner like a man who's constantly whining when the debate moderators try to do their jobs.

NYC weather update: The sun has died. Warmth is a distant memory.

Just received an email about a “must-read infographic novel on social media marketing trends”

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Well, this is awkward MT @TechCrunch : Many users reporting cell service dropped after updating to iOS 8.0.1

Remember when we were all talking about how great it would be when the election was over? God, we were so young.

Parody is dead. I am dead. We are all dead.

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