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“The president has used the pretext of a manufactured ‘crisis’ of unlawful immigration to declare a national emergency and redirect federal dollars appropriated for drug interdiction, military construction and law enforcement... toward building a wall”
List of Barr family members with known conflicts of interest in the #TrumpRussia investigation:

✅ Attorney General Barr
✅ His Daughter
✅ His Son-inLaw
Wondering if Trump is mentally incompetent isn't a "coup attempt," it's a logical response to his tweets. #25thAmendmentNow
759 days in office.

226 days at Trump properties.

171 days on the golf course.

60% of each workday spent on "Executive Time"

Trump's not a President, he's a retiree who splits his time between golf, Fox News and tweeting what he just saw on Fox News.
First, he allowed Saudi Arabia to go unpunished after brutally murdering Washington Post columnist #JamalKhashoggi and Republicans said nothing.

Then, he called for “retribution” against a comedy show that made fun of him and Republicans declined to defend the First Amendment...
tfw your wife keeps telling you her boss is batshit crazy but she won't quit because she's scared of what he might do cuz he's already called out the military for a fake "emergency" and keeps on bragging about his "big and powerful button" #25thamendment #25thamendmentnownow
Who says Republicans have no new ideas?

Utah @SenMikeLee wants to make life easier for criminals and murderers and more difficult for police to track where gunshots are coming from.

The next, even deadlier mass shooting. Brought to you by the @GOP.

The Most Relevant

BREAKING: So-called "Billionaire" @realDonaldTrump owes Puerto Rico $33M -- now would be a good time to repay it.
FACT CHECK: El Paso Fire Department confirms @realDonaldTrump lied about his crowd size -- only 6,500 attended his embarrassing rally.

Meanwhile, estimates say up to 15,000 turned out for Beto.

#MarchForTruth #FightForTruth
This is perjury, plain and simple.

Feel free to tag your Senator in the replies and tell him/her what you think of the burying the record of—and rushing to confirm—this extremely crooked nominee.
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So I'm paying for the wall, paying for Melania to live apart from Donald, paying for Donald's golf vacations, AND losing my healthcare? 🤔🤔🤔
Trump to pregnant widow of U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson's: "he knew what he signed up for"
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH ALERT: Known sexual predator moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC today
BREAKING: Orrin Hatch is trying to extend Trump’s pardon power to include state crimes which currently threaten his family and close associates #TrumpRussia #RuleOfLaw #TrumpCrimeFamily #Authoritarianism
You know how Donald Trump has spent the last three months telling us we need a wall to keep us safe from murder and drugs?

BREAKING: Fifty-four #Arkansas white supremacists charged with murder, conspiracy, and drug trafficking.
BREAKING: Vladimir Putin has accepted General Michael Flynn's resignation
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