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Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies.

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Democrat Impeachment Manager Jason Crow lied. The President CLEARLY cared about how we spend foreign aid around the world.

"We dissolve ourselves from any such narratives and establish yet again that there is no organising committee at Shaheen Bagh, no leader, not any one particular organiser."

Australian politician tries to reassure public over coronavirus by saying more Chinese people die from smoking

21 states file lawsuit against selling online blueprints to print 3D guns

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Happy Lunar New Year! May this Year of the Rat bring you a sense of renewal, hope and strength.

Sekulow: Disagreeing with the president's foreign policy decisions is not an impeachable offense.

Families of the victims of Iran's "terrorist act" are suing the Ayatollah. "We will not let the blood of our loved ones be crushed and link it to the fall of the regime so that our hearts and all the people of Iran can rest.”

It goes back to what Hayek taught us: No bureaucrat knows enough to determine the right price for anything. Reforms like the rebate rule and stopping the gaming of exclusivity periods can tap market forces to “control” drug prices without killing R&D.

NEW: @ChelseaClinton , @2SmallToFail , and @cityofmilwaukee  launched a “Family Read, Play & Learn” space in a family court. The first of its kind, the space is part of an ongoing effort to transform everyday spaces into learning environments for families.

@LizWFB : Democrats lost an election in 2016. Rather than gracefully accept defeat, they decided to become the worst sore losers in history.