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The NRA is awfully quiet about gun rights activist and accused Russian agent Maria Butina https://t.co/G10qJcDa5H
See Stephen Colbert recap the fallout from Trump‘s heavily criticized Finland meeting with Putin on #LSSC https://t.co/qVCn7TFwMb
The Internet's 'Hive Mind' is the R&B outfit's "most polished" LP yet. Read our review https://t.co/YcGuFTa2wu
Want to see a guy who isn't Deadmau5 performing his hits in a bootleg mask? Surprisingly, a lot of fans do. Inside the EDM tribute act boom https://t.co/ArTZlk8DdA
In #TheEqualizer2, Denzel Washington returns to kick more ass and take more names. Read Peter Travers' review https://t.co/OM3C21mHiC
Bebe Rexha reflects on her long road to solo stardom https://t.co/ygWsMua7j5
Why Popcaan's ‘Forever’ is the perfect soundtrack for this summer https://t.co/IEg090q40f
Drake just became the first artist to ever reach 10 billion streams on Apple Music. But is it really a big deal? https://t.co/6ao5WT2y7A
Hear Becky G's intoxicating new song "Zooted" with French Montana and Farruko https://t.co/erpgnMCMy7
Here are 10 great new albums to stream, from Lori Mckenna, The Internet and more https://t.co/UZAA2epiFQ
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