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Latest Scoops

Minnie Driver calls Matt Damon to task for the "tone deafness" of his comments about sexual misconduct https://t.co/7YkE2ZTRt8
Mark Hamill on the entire history of Luke Skywalker, from 1977's #StarWars to his new performance in #TheLastJedi https://t.co/ipbFLfy8zT
Inside country music's uneasy relationship with gun control https://t.co/GSywyP8Mt2
How Rian Johnson turned #TheLastJedi into the first personal #StarWars film https://t.co/CxY5u3AcFg
See "Diane" singer Cam give back to a California town destroyed by wildfires https://t.co/TgLRhRMcpp @RamTrucks #RamReport
SHINee singer, K-Pop star Jonghyun has died at age 27 in a possible suicide https://t.co/fGReShbfOu
Richard Dobson, who wrote songs for Johnny Cash, has died at age 75 https://t.co/cTYCDRcCHx
BBC announces a "definitive" documentary about the Harvey Weinstein scandal is in the works https://t.co/6CI0Qf3gqu
LeBron James made a powerful statement during yesterday's game with black and white "Equality" sneakers https://t.co/6ksaXzVIm3
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