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DemocRATs gain control of the House, Stock Market plunges, liberal Obama appointed 9th Circuit judge defies Trump’s executive order to stop the Caravan from invading our country, & a CA Congressman threatens to NUKE us! 🤨
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Kathy Griffin: No one can ruin a career faster than I can.

Jussie Smollet: Hold my bleach!!!
They actually REHEARSED it so they could create the most outrage and stoke as much hate as possible?!? Terrible.

Jussie Smollett Case: Brothers Questioned By Police Were Paid $3,500 To Stage Attack, Which Was Rehearsed Days Before, CBS Chicago
Hey Hollywood and media types, I’ve noticed a lot of you deleted your #JusticeForJussie tweets... what’s the matter, don’t you want justice for him anymore??? #frauds
The world keeps getting older, but Africa stays the same age. It sounds confusing, but it makes sense when you break it down:
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The president of the United States is a threat to the physical safety of journalists:
Jason Chaffetz: FBI’s Andrew McCabe should be on trial, not a book tour | Fox News
Another coordinated attempt (media, celebrities, political pundits) to portray 60+ million Americans as racist goes down in flames. Now, those under constant defamation are chided for being "giddy?" Most are actually relieved others outraged all bracing for next Red Hat Hysterics
Is Jussie Smollett The Modern Tawana Brawley? - The Daily Caller
Here's the transcript of Trump's Monday remarks about dogs.
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