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Doug Jones has won Alabama. Preliminary exit polls from @PostPolls point to black voters as the force behind the upset victory. https://t.co/q9ucxlS0er
In these preliminary results only 4 in 10 Alabama voters view Moore favorably, but 12 percent of voters with a negative opinion of the candidate decided to vote for him anyways.
21% of voters in the preliminary exits say they made up their mind in December, and these voters are breaking for Moore by 14 points.
But these preliminary margins are only telling half the story. White women are voting 2-1 for Moore. Black women are +94 for Jones. Overall black turnout is up a hair from 2012 and 2008, the last two elections where exit polls were available.
@PostPolls Jones leads by 15 points among female voters in these preliminary results, mirroring Moore’s advantage among men. https://t.
@PostPolls Opinions on the sexual misconduct charges against Roy Moore are split evenly along party lines. But in preliminary exits, more female Alabama voters say the allegations are true than say they are false by a 20-point margin. https://t.
Polls have closed in Alabama. Here's some insight into today's voting, with data from preliminary exit polls via @PostPolls https://t.co/mk50i84rCj
Keep this tab open! Alabama polls close in one hour. https://t.co/PIR12KuNmW
What it would take for a Democrat to win Alabama https://t.co/4LImg2VtPt
For the first time in decades, a Democrat is within striking distance of winning a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. But a lot would need to happen for Jones to win.
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