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Latest Scoops

Young girl rushed to hospital after being struck by foul ball at Yankees game https://t.co/lAfYL63R50
#BREAKING Police search for suspect after man shot in chest near Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn https://t.co/jL1nM5cHJE
Young girl rushed to hospital after being struck by foul ball at Yankees game https://t.co/s8HR7DQ4I4
To check on your loved ones in Puerto Rico, call this number: 202-778-0710 https://t.co/b849KB3vPk
#BREAKING: Hurricane Maria knocks out power to '100 percent' of Puerto Rico https://t.co/gXjZGZ7g1j
Death toll rises to 226 after 7.1 earthquake hits Mexico https://t.co/8dEgm3iQ3Z
'Twisted' truck crushes parked car in Harlem https://t.co/OMtHtz2eBX
Timeline of Hurricane Maria's path of destruction over Puerto Rico: https://t.co/hB24PNUyZz
Boxer Jake LaMotta, immortalized in 'Raging Bull,' dies at 95 https://t.co/E9fPWlZ7nD
Watch the moment children found alive in collapsed school after earthquake https://t.co/dEcBRvzDe0
LI car dealership manager indicted for aiming gun at employee https://t.co/4kQwV3xMlr
Toys ‘R’ Us struggles with $5 billion in debt, files for bankruptcy https://t.co/IBfXXR7Up4
#BREAKING: Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico https://t.co/qajz9BiXA3
City Council speaker among those arrested in DACA protest outside Trump Tower https://t.co/sEC2C4m9f4
Bus in deadly Queens crash was way above speed limit: NTSB https://t.co/e5M40bASRY
Hurricane Maria weakens to a Category 4 storm
New attempt to repeal Obamacare will cause ‘destruction’ in NY https://t.co/ikEiXc0901
Diners in NYC face challenges https://t.co/cKMrkJuAlS
Live Instagram video leads police to suspect in killing https://t.co/3dFz4trYSq
Suspect plans to sue ‘hero’ who stopped him from robbing Starbucks https://t.co/ezjEjTbpFF
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