Bloomberg / Republican Scott Brown Elizabeth

28) Bloomberg endorsed Republican Scott Brown over Elizabeth Warren in 2012

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Bloomberg / Republican Scott Brown Elizabeth

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Breaking: The Health Minister, who will enter quarantine, has been in contact with many senior government figures over the past two weeks; the Mossad Chief and others are expected to enter isolation following contact with Litzman

“The virus cannot infect you if the virus never meets you,” says the Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine at Columbia Uni. Medical Center Dr. Craig Spencer. “Our only hope right now is social distancing. We don’t have a magic bullet medication. We don’t have a vaccine"

-China concealed extent of coronavirus outbreak, U.S. intelligence community says -Capital exodus leaves emerging markets in crisis -Shipping U.S. oil to China now costs half as much as the cargo What you need to know at the start of Asia's trading day

Chinese virus researcher catching wild bats fuels conspiracy that coronavirus originated in Wuhan's CDC

@chrislhayes  on the devastating impact of the lack of fed. response: “This patchwork approach, where every state fends for itself is what is leading to outbreaks around the country…The data shows that even outside the earliest epicenters, there's a rapid escalation of growth.”

When it comes to understanding #COVID19  data, it isn't just about the number of cases

5 things to know about the coronavirus fight from Dr. Anthony Fauci

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'He's the guy who said ride it out!' Nicolle Wallace attacks Trump as 'the phantom' making things worse

“Well, look, the president is an optimistic person,” the veep declared when Wolf Blitzer mentioned the various ways in which Trump initially dismissed the virus