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President Buhari’s aide petitions police over alleged breach of peace accord by Senator Gaya https://t.co/NEeJsIIQxN via @todayng
2019: APC caucus in National Assembly backs indirect primaries https://t.co/tBMxzoAaR2 via @todayng
Britain to prosecute more Nigerians over alleged human trafficking https://t.co/Yp2W1vRnsf via @todayng
North Korea’s Kim agrees to ‘dismantle’ key missile test sites https://t.co/kDS5j1VlWr via @todayng
Chelsea go to Greece, AC Milan visit Dudelange as Europa League begins https://t.co/qfl5qW0Ih6 via @todayng
UN warns South Sudan on lingering violence https://t.co/x9bJNs7bGO via @todayng
Aymeric Laporte: I expect to play for France not Spain https://t.co/lmA4LdXAMd via @todayng
Kidnapped Kaduna lecturers freed https://t.co/8b9rVzAwaB via @todayng
Katsina set to host hitch-free NFF elections https://t.co/a1aeqAJDFc via @todayng
2019: Ex-Governor Orji Kalu begs General Babangida to support President Buhari’s re-election bid https://t.co/o7JqTgSpsX via @todayng
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