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In this photo taken on Scotland's Isle of Skye, basalt formations stand over the Sound of Raasay. The pinnacles are the result of an ancient landslide that created the dramatic landscape captured in this image. #PhotoOfTheDay 

In an April 2007 story, writer James McBride traveled the world to trace the origins of hip-hop. In this photo, two aspiring rap artists bump fists near their homes in the Bronx, where hip-hop was born in the 1970s. #PhotoOfTheDay 

NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico after becoming the first people to fly a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. Revisit their mission aboard the space station with these images.

In this scene captured in Nha Trang, Vietnam, locals gather to socialize, play badminton, and relax. #PhotoOfTheDay 

In this photo taken in the 1980s, women socialize at a country club in São Paulo, Brazil. When this photo was published, 50 percent of the country's wealth was held by just 10 percent of the population. #PhotoOfTheDay 

In this scene, visitors ride camels across China's Taklimakan Desert, just as Marco Polo did in 1273. The desert is nearly as big as the country of Germany. #PhotoOfTheDay 

In this photo taken in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, women brave choppy waters for a swim on a stormy day. The small town is roughly one square mile, with half of that being made up of water. #PhotoOfTheDay 

In this scene, aspiring astronauts experience 30-second intervals of weightlessness in a NASA training aircraft. To create the effect, the plane flies in parabolas—and thus earns the nickname "The Vomit Comet." #PhotoOfTheDay 

In this scene captured in Papeete, French Polynesia, women get through a sweltering church service with the help of handheld fans. Men and women don't sit together in these services, but still sing hymns in Tahitian. #PhotoOfTheDay 

In this scene from our March 1963 issue, canoes belonging to miners float over a spot where gold was found in Venezuela's Caroní River. The diving equipment used by the miners was old, causing each person to risk their life in the pursuit. #PhotoOfTheDay