Donald Trump / Seriously

"Would Donald Trump not do whatever he could do if he could get away with it? Seriously. If he could arrest every journalist he didn't like, if he could arrest us tomorrow...If you say he wouldn't, you're just lying to yourself." -- @JoeNBC 

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Donald Trump / Seriously

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This office is the largest 3D-printed building to date

A convicted murderer escaped from a work release center in Alabama Saturday night, authorities said.

Brashard Smith 5‘10“ 186 is a super talent from Miami palmetto. Can play WR/SB/RB. 4.4 speed. A dynamic offense of threat with hands, moves and an aggressive style of play @BrashardS  very impressive. One of the South‘s finest.

Stocks are falling around the world as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread globally.

The last Republican to win a majority of the Jewish vote was Warren G. Harding. In 2016, Jews supported Clinton by a margin of 71%-24%. This ain't happening.

Prototype of hypersonic missile designed for Su-57 fighter jet ready for testing – reports

IT TAKES SECONDS TO SHARE! This 17-year-old boy is missing and deputies in Davidson County believe he's driving the SUV below. He has pinkish red hair and hasn't been seen in 3 days. Have you seen him? #missing 

China's top legislature deliberated a draft health and safety decision for an all-out ban on the illegal wildlife trade and abolition of wild animal consumptions

Decoding the Christian paradox: Evangelical historian explains how right-wingers ignore Jesus to support a corrupt and greedy president

Dublin, CA Columbus, IN Pascagoula, MS Dallas, TX Tulsa, OK Pittsburgh, PA Pierce County, WA Danville, IL Warren, MI Cape Coral, FL Brown County, TX Detroit, MI These are a few places where Americans defended themselves with guns last month and OF COURSE the media stayed silent.