Fusion Natasha Marching John Brennan / Whiffing Major Claims

Fusion Natasha Gets Her Marching Orders On John Brennan, Ends Up Whiffing On Two Major Claims

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Fusion Natasha Marching John Brennan / Whiffing Major Claims

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The truly “radical” agenda was the one that American and British conservatives enacted, of ubiquitous privatization and extreme austerity, which destroyed both societies’ prosperity in record time.

3/ This is the "bag man for the CIA" model of compensation. As in, please go to Panama and clean up the mess down there, and we will wire the money to your numbered account in Switzerland. Where in God's name is the SEC?

Wow! New massive 1.6 million square feet biotech complex coming to San Carlos! )

The most successful societies in the world don’t have privatized basic utilities. They have publicly owned ones. The idea that it’s “radical” to nationalize utilities is only really a sign how poor the analytical skills of our commenting class are

idk if this #cannabis  rally is a head-fake higher before tax-loss fueled selling lower but i do know: 1. every major turn starts w a squeeze. 2. -80% bakes in a lot of bad news. 3. the venom is good and thick. 4. mkts look forward. 5. 2020 catalysts. me: 👀 for higher lows.

It’s incredibly dubious that Labour will win. But that’s in large part because the British media has become as painfully dumb as the American media. It just regurgitates the myths of extreme conservatism without ever once asking if they’re true

Scientists find promising drug combination against lethal childhood brain cancers Researchers have discovered a pair of drugs that work together to kill cancer cells and counter genetic mutations that cause diffuse midline gliomas.

Here’s everything coming to Amazon Prime Video in December

Are CEOs the new politicians? @MikeBloomberg  is @AnneMcElvoy’s latest guest on “The Economist asks” podcast