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Hands-On With Apple’s New Smart Battery Cases by @julipuli
Hands-On With Apple’s New Smart Battery Cases by @julipuli
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Live blog: Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Unpacked event with @backlon and @nickstatt
Our favorite is #Wendy in the summer ☀️ Happy Birthday to @RVsmtown's talented songstress! (edit by 4-velvets)
We don’t deserve them. Let’s see yours! 👇

Oh Tucky, don’t go up against the smart kids: Dutch historian exposes Tucker Carlson’s fraud
For deep state believers and Trump supporters, Andy McCabe is the embodiment of a law enforcement agency gone rogue. For most everyone else, he represents Trump's slash-and-burn effort to undermine the rule of law. My column today:
I wrote about Pinterest's perfect response to anti-vaxx misinformation. Curious what other social network employees think of this move -->
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