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Foreign Correspondent for NBC News, based in London but following #Trump/GOP on the campaign trail. Sports team, pithy quote, self-deprecating joke.

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FBI agents visited Steve Bannon's home last week to discuss subpoena in Russia probe - NBC News https://t.co/Sjrsa43Ftn
.@colvinj with the deep pull on whether WH dr found evidence of bone spurs in Trump's feet. Doctor says he didn't check for them.
. @Scaramucci joins me at 2p today on @msnbc.
This "definitive" list leaves out a whole bunch of stuff.

Opinion | Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List - The New York Times https://t.co/XTDSnJsjx9
Also, how?!?!?!?!?!?!
The world is a weird weird place when this sort of thing flies right by you (pardon the pun) because the President takes up all your focus. https://t.co/MBypB0EnbW
These Trump supporters built a gallows and tried to arrest London’s mayor. People laughed at them. https://t.co/B5GXXIpi8d
While we're at it, can we also dispose of this fiction that National Treasure isn't one of the best movies ever made.
.@danbalz does a good job cataloging Trump's past racist/racialist/race baiting remarks/actions. But what is truly breathtaking is that there are still so many left out. No one article or segment has listed them all because there are just too many to list. https://t.co/Yuzn3EO6Xy
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