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Foreign Correspondent for NBC News, based in London but following #Trump/GOP on the campaign trail. Sports team, pithy quote, self-deprecating joke.

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Did they work in the business factory?
Denver’s airport Westin wins the day.
Im still laughing.
Trump’s Nationalism, Rebuked at World War I Ceremony, Is Reshaping Much of Europe - The New York Times https://t.co/lC10LzrFBr
Nailed my style!
Some dude just ordered a gin and tonic on my flight back to NYC. It’s 7:17am.
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Gillum is conceding in Florida right now.
.@AriMelber is reporting Ways and Means intends to *request* Trump’s taxes per dem cmmte source.
Also, with Dems retaking House Trump now has a foil, an arm of govt to blame when he doesn’t get what he wants. Will it help him in 2020, I don’t know. But he will use it.
With Dems taking control of House you have to wonder whether Trump’s tax returns will get subpoenaed.
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