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John Cleese

Yes, I am still indeed alive, contrary to rumour, and am performing the silly walk in my new app

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Looking at the bookshops where you can buy Malcolm Gladwell's book, Bomber, I see that some States offer only one bookshop: Nebraska, N Dakota, S Dakota, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Montana, S Carolina, Wyoming, Oklahoma... What do Red States have against books ?

Let go. Forgive. Have a laugh. Play. Be silly. Find your creativity! Love, John

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I wish the Moa well, but I'm glad it's extinct

There you go, sticking your neck out again !

A radio advert mum did for @montypython  & Life Of Brian. Fortunately we made the percentage!

This is a genuine question Not a rhetorical one, I promise Is there any reason to believe that the EU bureaucracy would want Brexit to be a success ? Take this seriously, please

The Pew Report says that America's international standing has risen sharply since Biden became President He has an approval rating of 75% : Trump's was 17% However, this will not concern the Trump Republicans, since most of them do not know where the rest of the world is

New plant in Scotland! #tbt  to a Compaq ad that ran in the mid 80s.

Do we have free speech in this country? At Last The 1948 Show with Marty Feldman. #tbt  #atlastthe1948show 


Hard to tell if I recorded this 30 years or 10 minutes ago...

With the benefit of hindsight, would you say that the Nuremberg Trials were divisive ?

Just heard about Terry J It feels strange that a man of so many talents and such endless enthusiasm, should have faded so gently away... Of his many achievements, for me the greatest gift he gave us all was his direction of 'Life of Brian'. Perfection Two down, four to go

I would like to announce that President Trump has gone mad ( That's 'mad' in the English sense, as in 'King George III went mad, walked up to a tree in Richmond Park, and addressed it as the King of Prussia )

I'm not advocating uncontrolled panicking. If you panic for more than a couple of hours, you will exhaust yourself and you may well not have to energy to panic later, when you really feel you have to So try about 20 minutes panicking at 11.00 am, and then another spell at 6.00pm

I'm very confused about toppling statues... The Greeks, whose civilisation has long been admired in the West, believed that in the Ancient World, a cultured society was only possible if it was based on slavery So should we be getting rid of statues of Socrates and Aristotle ?

The BBC's website refers to my 'fury' I think my comments were quite measured and moderate So why would the BBC refer to them as my 'fury' ? Because it will get them a few more 'clicks' This sort of thing happens when marketing executives and tabloid journalists take charge

Sadly, those of you who need to hear this the most are too stupid to realize I'm talking directly to you. #johncleese  #stupid  #people