Dr. Jill Stein?

Dr. Jill Stein?

Medical doctor. Mother on fire. Green Party Presidential candidate 2012 & 2016. Activist for people, planet & peace over profit. Account managed by staff.

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The #ExpressVoteXL  should never have been certified. Instead of paper ballots it uses ‘summary cards’ that are difficult to verify. Even if you check the written text, what counts as your vote is not the text but printed barcodes - making it impossible to verify your actual vote.

It gets worse: #ExpressVoteXL  voting machines can be programmed to change your ballot after you submit it, meaning there’s no reliable paper record... meaning there's no way to verify the election results through auditing the paper trail! #StopTheMachine 

When PA voters demanded the state revisit the #ExpressVoteXL  certification, the state locked out our expert @jhalderm  from the testing, violating both the spirit & letter of our agreement - a red flag that the state wasn't acting in good faith. Why the secrecy? #StopTheMachine 

@jhalderm  Election integrity advocates like @POVPhilly  have opposed the #ExpressVoteXL  from day 1 for many reasons: it violates the #recount  agreement, costs much more than alternative systems, & in the state’s own disability access study not one test voter was able to verify their vote!

@jhalderm  @POVPhillyMany  reforms are needed to fully restore confidence in our broken elections - including an end to voter suppression & gerrymandering, the adoption of open debates, public financing of elections, ranked choice voting, & a national ban on hackable, insecure voting machines.

@jhalderm  @POVPhillyThe  #Recountsettlement  has been a critical step forward in PA & helped raise the bar for the nation. We can't allow this progress to be rolled back by unaccountable, undemocratic, backroom decisions wasting public dollars on costly, insecure & needlessly complex voting machines.

@jhalderm  @POVPhillyWe 'll keep working with grassroots activists to defend our right to voter-verifiable paper ballots as a key step towards elections we can trust. If PA refuses to uphold our agreement by decertifying the , #ExpressVoteXL  we’ll have to ask the court to enforce it. #StopTheMachine 

Against public outcry & expert warnings Philly bought #ExpressVoteXL  voting machines for reasons that are still being investigated. Now PA is on notice: decertify these unverifiable, unauditable, hackable machines or we'll see you in court. #StopTheMachine 

With the 2020 election coming up fast, the fight is on for a voting system we can trust. After 2016, state of PA admitted they couldn't verify their election results. That's why we demand nothing less than voter-verifiable, auditable paper ballots for all!

On #IndigenousPeoplesDay  & everyday, our native brothers & sisters put their lives on the line for people & planet - for justice in Ecuador, stopping destruction of the Amazon, resisting desecration of pipelines across the US. Your courage & generosity inspire & embolden us all.


#PodestaEmails10 show HRC kept 55K emails from Congress. How much more evidence does the govt need to press charges?

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Iraq War was based on lies. Libya war was based on lies. Vietnam war was based on lies. So when the same old blood-soaked warmongers want to rush into war in Syria before an investigation can even start, it's time to disobey.

#DNCLeak shows: ✔️Collusion between DNC & media ✔️Plotting to smear Sanders ✔️Questionable fundraising for HRC & DNC

If Saudi Arabia funded 9/11 and ISIS too, why does Obama protect them, Clinton arm them, & Podesta lobby for them?

Arresting Julian Assange for publishing is an attack on fundamental press freedom that democracy depends on. Like Chelsea Manning, US empire wants to imprison him for the "crime" of revealing what our government is doing. All who support democracy must resist!

Israel killing scores of Palestinian protesters in Gaza isn't a "clash", it's a massacre. A US-backed massacre of an occupied people crying out for their human rights. The occupation of Palestine is an atrocity. Stop $10 million/day US support for Israeli military NOW.

"Instead of a war on poverty, they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me." — #TupacShakur 

Why does the corporate media prop up Hillary and smear her opponents? Because they're huge donors to her foundation.