Dr. Jill Stein?

Dr. Jill Stein?

Medical doctor. Mother on fire. Green Party Presidential candidate 2012 & 2016. Activist for people, planet & peace over profit. Account managed by staff.

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COVID surge meets storm surge, as crises of health, economy & climate collide. Yet the war parties just voted $742B for obscene military budget. We need a political sea change to move the $$ from endless war to Green New Deal for jobs, health & the planet.

The duopoly is allowing eviction moratorium + $600/w jobless benefit to expire amid disastrous, rising unemployment & surging COVID-19, just after giving $Ts to corporations & the Pentagon. The 2 parties for war & Wall St are killing us. We need 1 party for people, planet & peace

With US empire's “pivot to Asia”, momentum is building for deadly war w China. Yet US is already in a 70 year war w/out end on Korean Pen, w 4M killed, 10M families still broken. We must end wars we already have. Not start new ones.

If Jill Stein voters decide elections, here’s how to earn their votes: Prioritize#RankedChoiceVoting  to end fear of “spoiled” elections & let people vote FOR what they want, not AGAINST what they fear. Lesser evil voting is a failed strategy driving US to the right for decades.

Assange is in solitary. Snowden's in exile. Corbyn's suspended by his own party. Now Glenn Greenwald's been censored by The Intercept. There's a war on truth-tellers & you could be next. "First they came for Assange and I said nothing..."

How could you not know going on RT/Russia Today makes you a target? I went to an RT conference to talk about ending war, put out a press release about it, & 5 years later - after a Senate investigation cleared me - neolib Twitter trolls are STILL foaming at the mouth about it.


#PodestaEmails10 show HRC kept 55K emails from Congress. How much more evidence does the govt need to press charges?

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Biden's team won't let him do interviews. He made 2 short teleprompter speeches in Missouri this weekend & both generated massive gaffes that went viral. You can't beat Trump by trying to hide to avoid the issue of #BidensCognitiveDecline . How is this not a massive red flag?

#DNCLeak shows: ✔️Collusion between DNC & media ✔️Plotting to smear Sanders ✔️Questionable fundraising for HRC & DNC

They lied to you about Vietnam. They lied to you about Iraq. They lied to you about Syria. They lied to you about Honduras. They lied to you about Libya. So why would you believe what they're saying about Venezuela?

If Saudi Arabia funded 9/11 and ISIS too, why does Obama protect them, Clinton arm them, & Podesta lobby for them?

Biden’s lies & record are bad enough, but the biggest risk is his obvious cognitive decline. He said he’s running for Senate, confused wife & sister, forgot Obama’s name etc. This isn’t going away. If Dems close their eyes & keep pushing Joe, it’ll be an agonizing 8 months ahead.

MSNBC is FOX for liberals. Russiagate is Benghazi for liberals. "Return to normal" is MAGA for Democrats. #DemExit 

Why does the corporate media prop up Hillary and smear her opponents? Because they're huge donors to her foundation.