Dr. Jill Stein?

Dr. Jill Stein?

Medical doctor. Mother on fire. Green Party Presidential candidate 2012 & 2016. Activist for people, planet & peace over profit. Account managed by staff.

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Q: What’s your priority - averting WWIII w Iran or stopping climate fires in Aus today/everywhere tomorrow? A: No choice needed! Fix both w real Green New Deal. Turn obscene bipartisan military budget into wartime-scale mobilization for 100% clean renewable elect+transit by 2030.

As Pompeo assures us the assassination of Soleimani saved US lives from imminent attack & the world’s now a safer place - remember Iraqi WMDs, Gulf of Tonkin & Pompeo’s famous words that shine so much light on pronouncements by the US security state:

BREAKING #1  - #Iraq  Parliament votes to expel US troops - after nearly 2 decades of illegal war and occupation that drowned the Middle East in misery & violence and laid the groundwork for the rise of ISIS.

Another poke in the eye to diplomacy, as sane voices across the world call for de-escalation.

As Ds bemoan Trump’s “unstrategic” war crimes, here's a reminder how Ds helped lay the groundwork: $738B military budget stripped of restrictions, sanctions violating JCPOA that helped Trump abandon it, refusal to fight AUMF “blank check” for aggression.

Join me - & anti-war luminaries - at the national online teach in Sat. 1/11 3p ET. Come build the uprising for #NoWarWithIran  with @AbbyMartin , @medeabenjamin , @MaxBlumenthal , @EugenePuryear , @anyaparampil , Gerald Horne, Kathy Kelly, Brain Becker & more!

As battle rages over Liz smearing Bernie as a secret sexist, consider that if Dem primaries used #RankedChoiceVoting , Sanders & Warren campaigns would be motivated to appeal to each other's supporters for 2nd place votes. Sadly, the current system incentivizes vicious attacks.


#PodestaEmails10 show HRC kept 55K emails from Congress. How much more evidence does the govt need to press charges?

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Iraq War was based on lies. Libya war was based on lies. Vietnam war was based on lies. So when the same old blood-soaked warmongers want to rush into war in Syria before an investigation can even start, it's time to disobey.

#DNCLeak shows: ✔️Collusion between DNC & media ✔️Plotting to smear Sanders ✔️Questionable fundraising for HRC & DNC

If Saudi Arabia funded 9/11 and ISIS too, why does Obama protect them, Clinton arm them, & Podesta lobby for them?

Israel killing scores of Palestinian protesters in Gaza isn't a "clash", it's a massacre. A US-backed massacre of an occupied people crying out for their human rights. The occupation of Palestine is an atrocity. Stop $10 million/day US support for Israeli military NOW.

Arresting Julian Assange for publishing is an attack on fundamental press freedom that democracy depends on. Like Chelsea Manning, US empire wants to imprison him for the "crime" of revealing what our government is doing. All who support democracy must resist!

Why does the corporate media prop up Hillary and smear her opponents? Because they're huge donors to her foundation.

Democrats are now accusing Russia of manipulating our presidential election... exactly what DNC was caught doing. #DNCleak