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Also, those who are hateful + negative for the sake of controversy who then get upset when they’re caught out + called out. This industry won’t tolerate intolerance + people will shine a light on it. So don’t beg for attention + then panic when you’re in the spotlight.

I saw a poster for @ALWCinderella  today in Piccadilly Circus station today and I almost cried on the escalator.

I was so excited I said 'today' twice. Did you know it was today that I saw it? Just in case you didn't know when I saw it, it was today. 👍🏻😅

I never read the word 'Ballache' as 'Ball Ache'. I read it like it's one long fancy French word pronounced 'Bah-lash' and it'll always throw me off/make me laugh.

No one said Eddie Redmayne displayed violent tendencies. I think you might want to watch the video again?

I was on a writing roll...and then my cat decided to zoom up my next door neighbours tree and get himself stuck. He kept treading on branches that would break under his weight and plummet the 15 feet below.😫He's safe now but a bit embarrassed and stuck to my side like glue.🤦‍♀️

I’m performing to an entirely EMPTY audience today. Was I still up half the night with nerves? Yes. Yes, I was. 👍🏻

I wonder how many people know this video of me and @luciejones1  singing together in Geneva exists...? Look how far we've come since then, babe!

Yup. I'd take eighty-four layers in thirty degree heat if it meant being on a stage right now. 💔

I always think I’m fine with spiders until I see one. As the biggest one I’ve seen all year ran across the floor towards me, I made a noise I’ve genuinely never made before. Edgar the Cat on the other hand was ready to swallow it whole. 🤦🏼‍♀️


These people complaining about the casting of a black woman for Ariel. ??‍♀️Ariel is half fish, breathes underwater, is best friends with a seagull and has her voice stolen by a woman with tentacles...But dark skin?! Now that’s just far fetched...?

Alex Day is publishing a book about his life (and death) online, apparently including details of our relationship. When I first heard of the book I messaged him detailing how uncomfortable that would make me. This was his reply. Please don’t buy his book.

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Be kind to each other. Stop the trolling. Stop the online abuse, the hate, the death threats. Just...stop. Life's short enough as it is. Don't contribute to someone else's life being even shorter. R.I.P Caroline Flack.

@sampepper  Disgusted + outraged by this video and it's concept. It's twisted anyway but in light of recent world events it's Just.So.Wrong.

Sometimes standing up for yourself and demanding to be treated with respect makes you feel like you're being a bitch. Trust me. You're not. You're just aware of your worth and not letting anyone get away with treating you as less than. ✌

People so often disregard the arts as frivolous fluff. It's not a "proper job that warrants government support during this pandemic" and they'll say that just before they sit down to binge watch a series on Netflix or watch a movie or listen to an album or read a book...

If you're in a toxic relationship, being emotionally manipulated and abused, DO NOT be afraid to get out and never look back.

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RT to choose the book picture as my author photo for my book #alliknownow 

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"Depression doesn't exist" says Katie Hopkins. I'm going to pretend very hard SHE doesn't exist and according to her logic, it should work.