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Billy Corben

Florida Man, Director of COCAINE COWBOYS, THE U and BROKE 30 for 30s, DAWG FIGHT and SCREWBALL opens in theaters March 29th.

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When @JoeCarollo2017  was mayor of Miami, he was arrested for domestic violence after his traumatized 10-year-old daughter called 911 to plead: "Come help, my dad's hurting my mom. "

Back when @JoeCarollo2017  was Miami's wife-beating mayor, he was known as "Crazy Joe " — a corrupt paranoid demagogue who ran the town like a tin-pot dictator — and city hall was covered with bananas and a "Banana Republic of Miami " banne #BecauseMiamir 

This Miamian was right about @JoeCarolloNow  back in 2000 #BecauseMiami 

Miami city manager @Artnoriega5  just lied at the commission meeting: he said Chief@ArtAcevedo  first mentioned his concern about officers' unreasonable use of force only a week ago. But here he is talking about it publicly 5 months ago: #BecauseMiami 

Commissioners complaining about @ArtAcevedo 's compensation but incompetent city attny @VickyMendezEsq  gets $30K a month in salary & perks and just got her culo handed to her by a judge for unconstitutionally banning med marijuana dispensaries #BecauseMiami 

Miami Mayor Postalita @FrancisSuarez called @ArtAcevedo  “The Michael Jordan of police chiefs” when he was hired last April and now that corrupt commissioners are defaming him in a kangaroo court at city hall, Francis has gone missing like the coward con man he is. #BecauseMiami 

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Florida man at Fort Myers Costco in "Running the World Since 1776" shirt flips out on elderly woman who asked him to wear a mask and man who defended her #BecauseFlorida  (via @jaffarPhd )

#BREAKING : Sources say Florida man harassing 15-year-old black girl in viral video is Lee Jeffers, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security employee a @USCIS  Citizenship and Immigration Services in West Palm Beach @uscismediamiami  MediaSouth is preparing a statement.

Today at Miami International Airport outside Urban Decay at Gate D14 #BecauseMiami 

Florida cop with history of making false arrests harasses, curses at black father calmly holding his baby, repeatedly calls him "boy." SEE FULL VIDEO AT

Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce used “Colin Kaepernick stand-in" for K-9 demonstration at fundraiser last year #BecauseFlorida 

The "warrant" on #DaunteWright  was over unpaid fines for 2 minor misdemeanors — one a marijuana case — totaling $346. He pled guilty, filed for deferred payment and they were sent to collections DURING A PANDEMIC. Then he was pulled over for car air fresheners and killed over it.

Mrs. Florida 2016 and pro-Trump media personality Karyn Turk going to jail for fraud after stealing her mom’s social security checks while she was dying of Alzheimer’s at a nursing home #BecauseFlorida 

Naked Florida woman, 53, Tasered, charged with aggravated battery on law enforcement and felony criminal mischief after wrecking Outback Steak House and Moji Grill in Ocala #BecauseFlorida :