Coronavirus: Data needed quicker to target local outbreaks, say doctors

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BREAKING: One of two protesters struck by a driver who barreled onto a closed freeway in Seattle has died. Summer Taylor was 24.

"I will not stand silent." 10 Asian Americans reflect on racism during the pandemic and the need for equality

Coronavirus deaths per million people. Belgium: 843 UK: 650 Spain: 607 Italy: 576 Sweden: 537 US: 400 Brazil: 303 Mexico: 235 Canada: 230 Iran: 137 Germany: 108 Turkey: 62 Saudi: 53 South Africa: 51 Egypt: 31 Pakistan: 21 India: 14 Indonesia: 11 Japan: 8 China: 3.3 Nigeria: 3.2

The U.S. celebrates this July 4 amid calls for reform. In this film, five descendants of Frederick Douglass read excerpts of his speech, "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" which considers the long history of denying equal rights to Black Americans.

Coronavirus deaths. 4th of February: 490 4th of March: 3,300 4th of April: 68,000 4th of May: 254,000 4th of June: 396,000 Now: 533,600

Kaepernick on July Fourth: "We reject your celebration of white supremacy"

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The Amazon CEO is now worth nearly $172 billion, a new record for the world's richest person, according to Bloomberg Billionaire Index.