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"You can do whatever you wanna do on camera. But you should never, never forget: your children are watching." Ina bonus clip, former "Real Housewives" cast members talk life on the show. "The Housewife & the Hustler" is NOW STREAMING only on @hulu .

More than 100 monkeys crossed a river in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, jumping into the water one by one, leisurely swimming to the other side.

An unrelenting heat wave has been scorching the West and the Plains this week, and while many can hide inside and crank up the air conditioning, farmworkers have to endure the dangerous conditions.

A horrific vehicle crash that occurred on Interstate 65 in Butler County, Alabama, has killed 10 people, including nine children.

As Gaetz investigation ramps up, feds mount sweeping probe into Central Florida political scene: Sources.

Lawsuits have been filed against a Texas hospital, a Los Angeles school district, a North Carolina sheriff and a New Mexico detention center, to name a few.

As lingering stigma takes on modern medicine and technology, @GMA  asked several healthy gay men who have been turned away from donating blood on the basis of their sexual identities to share their experiences.

A plane with 2.5 million doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is heading to Taiwan from the U.S. in a donation with both public health and geopolitical meaning.

SICKLY SHARKS: Scientists are investigating a mystery skin disease affecting whitetip reef sharks, with some early reports suggesting rising sea temperatures due to global warming could be to blame.

A potential housing crisis looms over the nation's post-pandemic recovery, researchers warn, as more than 4 million Americans said they could lose their home in the next two months.


"This is called cross-contamination." A Michigan nurse used paint to show how easy it is to spread germs even while wearing gloves.

Pentagon declassifies three previously leaked top secret U.S. Navy videos of "unexplained aerial phenomena"—and that some believe could show UFOs.

BREAKING: Derek Chauvin found guilty on all three counts in the death of George Floyd.

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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: "Mr. Yoho mentioned that he has a wife and two daughters. I am two years younger than Mr. Yoho's youngest daughter. I am someone's daughter, too. My father, thankfully, is not alive to see how Mr. Yoho treated his daughter."

Teacher has unique handshakes with each student. "It was just one or two students and then it became contagious.”

IMITATION GAME: This bear lets his inner child out as he jumps in unison with a 5-year-old boy at the Nashville Zoo.

NEW: NASCAR driver Tyler Reddick fires back at Pres. Trump's call for an apology from Bubba Wallace: "We don’t need an apology. We did what was right and we will do just fine without your support."

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Rain pours in Sydney, Australia, giving residents hope as the region grapples with devastating bushfires.