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We're live for the global edition of the News Roundup. @nickschifrin,  @HayesBrown  and @RosJordanAJE  join us.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny really has a reach to Russia's farthest corners, thanks to YouTube, @nickschifrin  says. "This is really the conscience of the [Russian] opposition unconscious, " he says about Navalny's suspected poisoning.

Did Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cross a line with his speech at the RNC? We'll talk about it tomorrow at 10 ET. Listen at .

We're live, talking about pandemic productivity. @STS_News,  @CelesteHeadlee  and @AdamMGrant. 

What did you do this weekend?

"As humans we're just curious about the end of the story, and there's so much that we do know and that we are learning," says @AstroKatie  on why we study the end of the universe. "I want people to have access to that."

We're live, talking about President Trump's relationship with the military, and what's ahead for @starsandstripes.  @nikkiwentling,  @ckubeNBC,  @VOBOE  and Ernie Gates, ombudsmen for Stars and Stripes join us.