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Mission mosque, monument wapsi! Faith over heritage? #TTP 

TTP this week: we spoke with Apeiron Investment Group Founder @C_Angermayer  who dispensed knowledge on $ATAI + the historic volatility gripping the biotech space, crypto's profound resilience, his interest rate outlook and more. A brilliant conversation.

I left Congress Party because of dynastic politics issue: BJP spokesperson @Shehzad_Ind  to @PreetiChoudhry  | #TTP 

A monument for a monument will make this country rack and ruin, says @DrAMSinghvi . #TTP  @PreetiChoudhry 

Video: The Islamic Emirate has hosted and mediated talks between the Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) & the Pakistani government, Islamic Emirate’s spokesman said, adding that there has been good progress in negotiations & that both sides agreed on a short-term ceasefire.

Gyanvapi mosque case: The larger issue is that can the suit be maintainable?- @DrAMSinghvi  #TTP  @PreetiChoudhry 

I'll be surprised if #HardikPatel  doesn't join the BJP: Senior journalist @rasheedkidwai  to @PreetiChoudhry  | #TTP 


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#BajrangDal Camp raising armed militia or confidence building ? Watch#TTP  with @PreetiChoudhry  at 7:30 tonight

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Israeli researchers linked the @pfizer  #COVID19  vaccine to an increased chance of developing Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), a rare autoimmune disease that causes blood clots to form in various organs in the body. Report by @MaayanJaffe 

Kashmir 'conversion' row: What's the truth behind the claim? Find it out. @ashraf_wani ) #TTP  with @PreetiChoudhry 

“White supremacist groups are operating freely on Facebook, allowing them to spread their message and recruit new members, according to a Tech Transparency Project (TTP) investigation”

Daily wage workers are worst hit & I hope something is done for them: Bimal Jalan, Ex-RBI Governor#TTP 

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Idea of cashless India is good but at this moment keep it as an idea: Bimal Jalan, Ex RBI Governor#TTP 

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Delayed deportations, rushed naturalizations…illegals being rushed to rig the election. TTP' alt='NigerInnisTTP' /'>@NigerInnisTTP  joins me #FoxLDT  7pm

Justice Chelameswar's decision to boycott the meeting is unwarranted, and not justified: Soli Sorabjee, Sr. Advocate, SC #TTP 

Video: UN demands the end of secrecy for #TTP , #TISA , #TTIP  More: