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TikTok’s obsessed with this weighted hula hoop

Don’t try this at home: TikTok’s ‘dangerous’ deep fried water trend

Do NOT attempt TikTok’s ‘dangerous’ deep fried water trend, scientists warn

🛒 Snapchat's continued push into ecommerce 💬 The rise of Clubhouse 🔒 Instagram and TikTok’s efforts to promote safety for younger users Discover all these stories and many more in Econsultancy's latest Social Quarterly report. Read it here:

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New @CITeam_en  report using satellite images and TikToks shows Russian forces from the Urals and Siberia being deployed to the Voronezh region near Ukraine. Includes some rocket artillery and tanks.

The stage is set for brands to jump on TikTok’s influencer marketing boom @BereccaStewart  - @TheDrum )

We tried TikTok’s famous leggings that make your bum look big

The stage is set for brands to jump on TikTok’s influencer marketing boom

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A Week in Creative: tiktoks'>Viral Eos TikToks and McDonald’s serves up breakfast

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These ‘road rage’ TikToks by a Peabody man echo all your Massachusetts driving woes

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This professor debunks TikToks about ‘psychology’ and we are here for it

The US President has signalled that he is considering taking action against more Chinese companies, including Alibaba, one day after he ordered ByteDance to divest TikTok’s operations in the US within 90 days.

BREAKING: President Trump to sign order demanding ByteDance to sell its ownership in TikTok’s U.S. operations.

One of the best TikToks you will ever see 😂😂

Hey guys! Show us your #TheMan  TikToks, we love seeing them! ✨💗👨🏻 @lucacoyle  @coopercoyle 

The year is 2030. Patrick Mahomes is approaching free agency. Trevor Lawrence is QB of the London Tiktoks. Officials have been replaced by sentient Alexa devices. NFL twitter is debating whether running backs matter.

I hate the tiktoks where the parents spill water on the babies and then they start crying. Like wtf u doing ?

Today I will be asking CFIUS to review #TikTok ’s acquisition of . Ample & growing evidence exists that TikTok’s platform for western markets, including the U.S., are censoring content in line with ’s communist governmen #China  directives.

U.S. lawmakers are worried about national security and censorship risks posed by TikTok’s Chinese ownership.