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TW: rape Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has always been the main attraction. It's no surprise that she'd need to be center stage at her trial, by taking the stand in her defense. @adamlashinsky  explains why her testimony may have turned the tide. ⬇️

"The name Enron is still invoked in shorthand—like Theranos, Madoff or Lehman—a full two decades after its public ruin."

"I speak rarely. When I do—CRISP and CONCISE." Elizabeth Holmes's handwritten notes to herself, which included instructions about how to conduct herself as head of Theranos, were submitted as exhibits in her criminal-fraud trial.

Revealed texts in the Elizabeth Holmes trial show tensions between the Theranos founder and her ex and former COO, whom Holmes testifies was abusive

⚡️ “The Elizabeth Holmes trial: Theranos founder's testimony may have turned the tide” by @BITech 

‘I speak rarely,’ Elizabeth Holmes wrote to herself, ‘when I do—CRISP and CONCISE.’ Handwritten notes detailed how ex-Theranos CEO should live.

Check out the handwritten instructions Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes said her ex-boyfriend, who she claims was abusive, wrote for her

Developing diagnostics tools was already a challenge before Theranos.

Elizabeth Holmes’ handwritten 4am work schedule shared in Theranos trial

Check out Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes' handwritten 4 a.m. schedule that was submitted as she testified that her ex-boyfriend was abusive via @businessinsider 


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Inside Elizabeth Holmes’s Final Months at Theranos: Holmes got a dog she insisted was a “wolf” and she spent the majority of the $250 million in the bank on legal fees.

DeVos family was misled by Elizabeth Holmes when they invested $100 million in Theranos, representative testifies

The family of former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos invested nearly $100 million in Theranos after a marathon meeting with the biotech startup’s founder Elizabeth Holmes, a director of the billionaire’s family office testified.

The fraud trial for Elizabeth Holmes, founder of blood-testing startup Theranos, begins today. Holmes and former COO Ramesh Balwani are accused of defrauding investors, doctors, and patients. Here’s everything you need to know. 👇

The idea that Hunter Biden is the only showcase member of a corporate board is truly hilarious. Like, what does Arianna Huffington know about Uber’s business? What does Jim Mattis know about the chemistry of blood samples that Theranos was working on?

U.S. prosecutors charged Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and her ex-No. 2 with defrauding investors, doctors and patients

New book coming about Steele dossier. No surprise, dossier is still bunk. But has new info about Fusion GPS. theranos'>Remember Theranos fraud? Corrupt CEO Holmes hoodwinked high and mighty, but was exposed by WSJ reporter. 1/2

This story of a Softbank-owned patent troll, using the monkey-selfie copyright law firm, suing one of the few diagnostics firms making Covid-19 tests, demanding they be stopped for patent infringement, using *THERANOS* patents... is fucking infuriating.

It could be worse. If Theranos hadn't been exposed Elizabeth Holmes would be COVID testing czaar.

This morning, the @federalreserve , @USOCC , and @FDICgov  agreed to let big banks invest grandma’s checking account in venture capital firms like the ones that backed WeWork and Theranos. What on earth could go wrong?