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Sunshine Cruz turned 43 on Saturday in the company of family, friends, and boyfriend Macky Mathay.

"Hindi pagkain o bagay ang mga babae." Sunshine Cruz calls out netizens for making disrespectful and lewd comments about her and her children. The actress also speaks up against victim-blaming.

Sunshine Cruz has had enough of the harassment she and her 3 daughters have been subjected to online.

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‘Say these things straight to our faces’: Sunshine Cruz calls out daughters’ schoolmates for lewd comments | @NinaGunoINQ 

"HINDI PAGKAIN O BAGAY ANG MGA BABAE" Sunshine Cruz shared a picture of her together with her daughters today to once again address lewdness from men on social media.

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“Hindi pagkain o bagay ang mga babae.” Sunshine Cruz slammed sexual predators posting distasteful comments about Cruz and her daughters. She said that her history of having done sexy movies is not a reason to objectify them.

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Sunshine Cruz calls out obscene online messages, supposedly from daughters’ schoolmates

sunshine cruz'>Actress Sunshine Cruz slammed sexual predators who were leaving “disgusting” comments about her and her three daughters on social media. | @CLinoINQ 

Sunshine Cruz goes on blocking spree after calling out 'sexual predators'