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LOOK: Senior citizens stranded in a flooded home in Bgy. Bucana Sasahan in Naic, Cavite are evacuated by members of the Philippine Coast Guard, Saturday morning (📹: PCG Cavite) | via @anjo_bagaoisan 

BUSTED: Senior official violated FBI policy during her romantic relationship with subordinate

Senior U.S. diplomat Sherman to lead arms control talks with Russia next week

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"[E]ngagement in the arts teaches so many life skills...resilience, flexibility, creativity & ultimately an understanding of & appreciation for other humans." Meet Jenn Chang, our White House liaison & senior advisor to the Chief of Staff:

Elderly Marine dead after left in hot van for 24 hours at Arizona senior living facility

@robotopia  Of course they used Koichi Sugiyama music. That’s the theme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, “division and cruelty” I was it “diversity and harmony”?

On Thursday, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division released the 911 call Alex Murdaugh made last month upon finding his wife and son dead outside their Colleton County property. *WARNING: DISTURBING AUDIO. LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED*

EDITORIAL: Colorado, often inspired by leadership in Colorado Springs, has historically rejected hateful and racist movements that highlight differences and foment division.

OKC Senior Living Center Has Beach Party For Residents And Their Families

In a partial victory for the city, a judge ruled Friday that Mayor de Blasio, former NYPD Commissioners, and other senior city officials will not be required to take the stand in a judicial inquiry into Eric Garner’s 2014 death.


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It’s 4 years tomorrow that Astronaut Jim Halsell killed Jayla and Niomi James in his 2nd DUI without conviction. His lawyers have pushed the trial repeatedly to minimize media attention, don’t let them. Their parents Parnell and Latrice deserve justice. #justiceforjaylaandniomi 

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When all 57 Buffalo police officers on the emergency response team resign because two were suspended for knocking down a 75-year-old man and sending him to the hospital, this seems like an opportunity to find 57 new police officers who don't approve of assaulting senior citizens.

If Senate Republicans fail to convict Donald Trump, it won't be because the facts were with him or his lawyers mounted a competent defense. It will be because the jury includes his co-conspirators.

I look forward to Mayor Giuliani spearheading the legal effort to defend OUR RIGHT to FREE and FAIR ELECTIONS! Rudy Giuliani, Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, a truly great team, added to our other wonderful lawyers and representatives!

Lawyers now on @newsmax , @OANN  & maybe @FoxNews . An open and shut case of voter fraud. Massive numbers!

Important News Conference today by lawyers on a very clear and viable path to victory. Pieces are very nicely falling into place. RNC at 12:00 P.M.

Our lawyers have asked for “meaningful access”, but what good does that do? The damage has already been done to the integrity of our system, and to the Presidential Election itself. This is what should be discussed!

Lawyers offering pro bono services for arrested protestors. Minneapolis, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles. I know there are far more doing the same thing in other cities please add them to this thread

Even if the methods are new, sowing the seeds of doubt, division, and discord to turn Americans against each other is an old trick. The antidote is citizenship: to get engaged, organized, mobilized, and to vote - on every level, in every election.

After listening to the President’s lawyers opening arguments, I have three observations: They don’t contest the facts of Trump’s scheme. They’re trying to deflect, distract from, and distort the truth. And they are continuing to cover it up by blocking documents and witnesses.