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New: Tom Cotton, who does not have a Democratic opponent this year, raised $1 million last quarter thanks to his NYT op-ed and the liberal backlash. He previously spent some of that $ to run ads against Biden.

WATCH: Chuck Rosenberg says he is so “glad that Bob Mueller wrote an op-ed” about the Roger Stone commutation. #mtpdaily  Rosenberg: “This must have bothered him so very much that he felt inclined to speak up.”

"His corrupt investigation failed to hold anyone in the Obama-Biden Administration accountable for their negligence toward Russian interference or for spying on the Trump Campaign..." The @WhiteHouse  fights back after Mueller's op-ed.

" . . . we must first acknowledge the deadly public health effects of systemic inequality rooted in the legalized racial segregation of Black communities." Op-ed by Brian Williams, MD. #coronavirus  #medtwitter 

Trump's former acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney broke from the administration's stance in an op-ed that criticized coronavirus testing.

OP-ED: SA needs a surveillance programme as Covid-19 RNA signals show up in wastewater samples

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op-ed'>Mick Mulvaney Op-ed: We still have a coronavirus "testing problem in this country."

'Op-ed: How Urban Agriculture Can Fight Racism in the Food System' via Civil Eats -

BUSINESS MAVERICK OP-ED: SAA rescue plan reveals government’s tunnel vision

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The other day I tweeted that the red MAGA hats are the new white hoods. People were pissed! People demanded an apology! The media reported I was in “hot water” and was receiving “backlash” for saying this. Well, here’s my op-ed addressing it all.

Opinion Editor at @nytimes  just walked out. That’s right, he quit over the excellent Op-Ed penned by our great Senator@TomCottonAR . TRANSPARENCY! The State of Arkansas is very proud of Tom. The New York Times is Fake News!!!

"As Americans we should be frightened," retired Navy admiral William McRaven writes in an op-ed about the ouster of his friend Joseph Maguire

I took a look at your op-ed, . It needs some work. All of the false and misleading words in the world can’t cover up how your administration and Republicans in Congress are forcing millions of Americans to pay more for health care.

The Senate is back in session. But the House is missing in action. Our latest op-ed.

Do you believe this? The New op-ed'>York Times Op-Ed: MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS OWE TRUMP AN APOLOGY. Well, they got that one right!

The USMCA would create 176,000 jobs for American workers and generate $68 billion in wealth for America. House Democrats must stop standing in its way. My op-ed with @GOPLeader  in @WSJ  today.

Judge Kavanaugh’s stunning decision to pen an op-ed bluntly confirms he has neither the judgment nor the temperament to be on our highest court. He can’t erase blaming credible sexual assault allegations ‘on the Clintons,’ attacks on senators, and vows of revenge with an op-ed.

This column may break the record for the number of falsehoods from a President ever published in a newspaper op-Ed. Just this tweet alone is false - “outlaw private health care plans” and “letting anyone cross our border” Huh? Fact check: false and false. Come on USA Today.

The op-ed is an attempt to take out an insurance policy for the GOP and conservatism if and when things get much much worse. It's a very public hedge meant to preserve the reputation of the GOP's entire political and governing class.