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Mitch McConnell had an unusual request for Senate Republicans at Tuesday lunch, per sources: Say nice things about Manchin and Sinema. A look at the GOP campaign to woo the two centrist Dems and keep them away from hitting filibuster

Fox Business reporter Ed Lawrence tweets "Senator Joe Manchin just said Democrats do not have the votes to pass the American Jobs Plan in the US Senate. Manchin says he knows of 6 or 7 Dems who agree hiking the corp tax rate to 28% would put the country's competitiveness at risk

Frustrated Dems should always remember Joe Manchin is the Mike Trout of the Senate

Senate adopts Wyden amendment extending federal unemployment benefits at $300 per week until September 6. Every Republican voted no (Sullivan was absent). Dems were forced to cut the benefit by $100/week due to objections from Manchin.

It was a long, wild, shitshow of a day that threatened to turn into a huge embarrassment for Schumer. Yet somehow, after a godawful amount of closed-door talks and the longest Senate vote on record, Dems got Manchin on board and saved the bill. I’m going to bed.

Where things stand after 11 hours straight of voting and Democrats keeping one vote open for nearly 12 hours to get Joe Manchin's backing: - Dems have fended off GOP amendments - Some changes made but not enough to derail the bill - Bill passage appears imminent in Senate

8 Dems voted against overriding Senate budget rules to add minimum wage hike to COVID bill: Manchin (D-WV) King (I-ME) Sinema (D-AZ) Carper (D-DE) Coons (D-DE) Tester (D-MT) Hassan (D-NH) Shaheen (D-NH)

The Manchin surprise: - Dems fear he'll back the GOP plan to pare back jobless benefits - GOP working to line up support from all 50 members - Dems working to get him to back WH-Dem deal - Manchin concerned about $10,200 in tax-free jobless benefits - Senate in a standstill

Senate now voting on pact Manchin made with Senate Dems. $300 per week on unemployment benefits through early Sept. First $10,200 of benefits non-taxable to households w/incomes below $150,000

Dems playing hardball and are rejecting McConnell move to adjourn and bring the Senate back tomorrow. After nearly 12-hour standstill, Dems hope to tire GOP out and force them to cut vote-a-rama short, rather than return fresh tomorrow. Manchin and Sinema vote against adjourning


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The Senate Dems who voted against an effort to advance a federal minimum wage hike to $15 per hour: Manchin, King, Sinema, Carper, Coons, Tester, Hassan, Shaheen.

We are officially in WTF territory on the Senate floor. The vote-a-rama has been stalled out for more than three hours. Dems don't yet have 50 for their most important amendment and Rs are trying to bring Manchin on board to Portman's unemployment trims.

“This is nothing more than a reflexive, almost neurotic, compulsive desire to signal moderation by making things worse—both substantively and politically,” says @chrislhayes  on Senate Dems like Joe Manchin and Jeanne Shaheen pushing to narrow who is eligible for stimulus checks.

This isn't complicated. Whether Kamala Harris overrules the Senate parliamentarian or Senate Dems get rid of the filibuster or Schumer gets Sinema and Manchin to play ball, the minimum wage must be raised to $15/hr. Period.

A sign Dems may block stimulus bill from advancing in the Senate this afternoon: Sen. Joe Manchin said he will not vote to advance the Senate's bill unless there is a deal that satisfies Democrats, per @tedbarrettcnn