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From winning with the Lionesses to Bushtucker trials - find out more about Jill Scott!

Seann Walsh might have been a whinge-bag during Bushtucker Trials (much to Mike Tindall’s amusement) but he came across as thoroughly decent, writes Michael Hogan in his latest review of I'm a Celebrity 👇 📺

Andy Burnham says Matt Hancock is 'better at Bushtucker trials than clinical trials'

Andy Burnham jokes Matt Hancock is better at 'Bushtucker trials than clinical trials'

Andy Burnham jokes Matt Hancock is better at 'Bushtucker trials than clinical trials'

#ImaCeleb viewers complain about ‘mean’ and ‘undoable’ Bushtucker trial

#ImACeleb contestants will have to do their last Bushtucker Trials facing off with each other 👀 @mirrorjeffers  has more


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A lovely visit today with @Northern_LilyGM  to the GROWE project in Failsworth which gives people a place to meet, learn sustainable gardening skills and grow fruit & veg. No bushtucker trials around this campfire - we had some toasty marshmallows instead. 🔥

Re bushtucker trials: nevrr been quite clear why eating the bollocks of a kangaroo or any animal is any more or less disgusting than eating any other part of a kangeroo or any other animal.

Matt Hancock may miss out on some Bushtucker trials on I'm A Celeb as he’s 'suffering from trench foot,' it is reported

@ChrisGPackham  asks Dec to 'think of his daughter' with 'cruel' bushtucker trials

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I think this should be during the I’m a Celebrity final from the jungle and be a bushtucker trail and whoever wins gets the exact same benefits as being in the EU or can eat a cake or gets a blue passport or loses their freedom of movement or whatever.

Best of luck to @anne_hegerty  facing the bushtucker trial tomorrow! #ImACeleb 

Kell Brook getting on the phone every time voting opens for a Bushtucker Trial#ImACeleb 

Got what it takes to complete a bushtucker trial? Get tomorrow at #ReadyToJungleKing 's Cross Station from 9-5pm #ImACeleb