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"I want to create a space and imagine a world where all these phenomenal young Black girls get a chance to live their fullest potential.” - $GS' Asahi Pompey on her personal and professional journey. Get to know her via @glamourmag :

“We need to move from symbols to seats, where Black talent gets a seat at the table,” @GoldmanSachs ' Asahi Pompey says on committing $25 million to HBCUs. “That comes from… that early exposure that can happen in high school, ... but also as they get to their college years.”

“Our hope is that these small businesses not only survive, but thrive.” - $GS' Asahi Pompey discusses our #10KSmallBiz  program and how small business owners are adapting during the pandemic on @CNBC :

$GS' Asahi Pompey joined @BloombergTV  to discuss our recent $25M commitment to HBCUs and the importance of attracting diverse talent:

Congratulations to $GS' @margaretanadu  and Asahi Pompey for being named to @CrainsNewYork 's 2021 Notable Black Leaders and Executives:

Highlight: “Black business owners tend to be over-mentored and under-capitalized,” @asahi pompey'>GoldmanSachs’ Asahi Pompey notes. #YahooAMS 

Yesterday, $GS' Asahi Pompey joined @Bloomberg  to discuss the many challenges that Black business owners face and the importance of increasing access to capital. Watch the full interview:

Highlight: The stark racial disparities in the small business community is a “pandemic within the pandemic,” @asahi pompey'>GoldmanSachs’ Asahi Pompey says. To help Black business owners, the first step is to expand access to capital, she adds. #YahooAMS 

Highlight: “I hope it’s not a false dawn,” @asahi pompey'>GoldmanSachs’ Asahi Pompey says, about the recent civil rights movements in the U.S. “I’m optimistic, but I know that it’s a journey, and we’ve got to stay persistent and committed to really see long-lasting change.” #YahooAMS 

Highlight: “I am bullish on small businesses,” @asahi pompey'>GoldmanSachs’ Asahi Pompey says. “I’ve see them up close. I spend my day job meeting with entrepreneurs… [and] when the economy turns down, entrepreneurs turn up.” #YahooAMS 


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What is inclusive entrepreneurship and why is it such a big investment opportunity? $GS' Asahi Pompey joined the first @Forbes  Small Business Summit to discuss leveling the playing field by creating equal opportunities. Watch now:

How are small businesses surviving? $GS' Asahi Pompey talks with three #entrepreneurs :

Glad to see @GoldmanSachs ’ Asahi Pompey who understands that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and cities. Goldman has been a great partner on the Business 2030 Conference and in supporting the growth and job creation of small businesses.

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Asahi Pompey will lead the Goldman Sachs corporate foundation, which has assets of $565 million. More transitions:

Highlight: "Goldman Sachs entered 2019 with the partner class that had the largest number of women, 26%, and the largest number of African Americans, 6%, in the 150-year history of Goldman Sachs,” @asahi pompey'>GoldmanSachs’s Asahi Pompey says on diversity at Goldman Sachs.

10,000 Small Businesses is at the @IowaStateFair . GS' CEO David Solomon and Asahi Pompey met with #10KSmallBiz  scholars who are showcasing their products in our booth. #MakeSmallBig 

US Air Force Brig. Gen. Jeannie M. Leavitt discusses how she helped Brie Larson prepare for her role in Captain Marvel during a Talks at GS with Goldman Sachs' Asahi Pompey: