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Could a robot replace a New Yorker writer? We fed The New Yorker’s archive to an artificial-intelligence writer, which predicts text based on preceding language. Then we asked it to write for us.

In 1949, New Yorkers were urged to go without bathes or shaves for "waterless" days to conserve resources. Commissioner of the Water Supply, Stephen J. Carney, called a Friday beard a "badge of honor."

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#2019NightlyRewind : A viral video from September showed precious 2-year-old New Yorkers Maxwell and Finnegan racing for a giant hug, acting like they hadn’t seen each other for years -- but it had actually only been two days. @rehemaellis  shared their story o @NBCNightlyNews  .

Felix Rohatyn, the government adviser who helped New York City avoid financial ruin in the turbulent 1970s, has died at 91. His cutbacks were unpopular with many New Yorkers, but he would ultimately be credited with saving the city from bankruptcy

If all the New Yorkers who are complaining about Santacon just Actually Went Outside and Acted Normal they could supplant Santacon with the best con of all: Normalcon.

Noah Baumbach exclusively makes films about New Yorkers who hate themselves and each other. But which of his onscreen couples is the most miserable?

Starting Monday, New Yorkers will be able to get driver's licenses without having to prove they are in the country legally

The #FDNY  Free CPR Program has trained thousands of New Yorkers in hands-only CPR and basic AED instruction. To sign up for an #FDNYSmartSmart  class, or to schedule a class in your community, visit

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The search term for this is "deadass yoda" -- don't tell me New Yorkers aren't the best (h/t @enoogs )

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I feel like sometimes New Yorkers get a bad rap — I just saw a young man get up and offer his seat to an elderly lady on the subway, and someone bumped into me and said they were sorry and they didn't even seem sarcastic about it


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When New Yorkers unite 💪 A little #BackstreetBoys  never hurt nobody...

New Yorkers are fucking assholes and i love it

...sleazebag AG Eric Schneiderman, who has since resigned over horrific women abuse, when I wanted to close the Foundation so as not to be in conflict with politics. Shady Eric was head of New Yorkers for Clinton, and refused to even look at the corrupt Clinton Foundation......

Michelle and I are thinking of the victims of today's attack in NYC and everyone who keeps us safe. New Yorkers are as tough as they come.

Jair Bolsonaro just learned the hard way that New Yorkers don’t turn a blind eye to oppression. We called his bigotry out. He ran away. Not surprised — bullies usually can’t take a punch. Good riddance. Your hatred isn’t welcome here.

Many New Yorkers were aware that Trumps finances were a con—banks wouldn’t loan him money. That he was a bigot—the Central Park 5 clarified that. Yet media killed themselves to have “Donald” call in to their shows, to center live shots of empty podiums before he spoke. Disgusting

New Yorkers and Oklahomans: Today is your last chance to register to vote. Take two minutes now to check your registration, and nudge friends to do the same—don't let them miss their chance to vote.

@jairbolsonaro  if you want to barge into our city and brag about destroying our environment or how you’re a “proud homophobe” then New Yorkers are going to call you on your crap. If it’s “radical” to stand up against your destructive ideology, then we’re PROUD radicals.

To all trans and non-binary New Yorkers: We see you, hear you and respect you. Starting in 2019, all New Yorkers will be able to change their gender on their birth certificate to M, F or X — without a doctor's note.

The largest #MuslimBan  protest is at JFK. New Yorkers, the ones most devastated by 9/11. They are not fooled & you shouldn't be, either.