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Prognosis "Most coronavirus patients who end up on ventilators go on to die, according to several small studies from the U.S., China and Europe. And many of the patients who continue to live can't be taken off the mechanical breathing machines." @NPR 

"No nation is an island." Academic urges U.S., China to work together in fighting #coronavirus  #COVID19 

As we adjust to the new normal, @LowyInstitute  is holding our first online event tmw. Good news is we're now accessible to the world. Sign up to join @mfullilove , @AlexKOliver  & @mcgregorrichard  for a discussion on US-China rivalry in a time of coronavirus

Thanks to @IvoHDaalder ⁩ and @ChicagoCouncil ⁩ for hosting me and @mahbubani_k ⁩ for a discussion on US-China relations in the coronavirus era.

Kudos to my students at @ColumbiaSIPA  for conducting US-China negotiations online for the past two weeks, in trying circumstances. Last week we discussed delisting of Chinese companies listed on US exchanges, this week we did implementation of the Phase I trade agreement.

WrapPRO Insight: 'Feeding the Dragon' author Chris Fenton on how US-China relations intersect with Hollywood@TheDragonFeeder 

BMW Group Q1 Deliveries Fall 20.6% To 477,111 -Sales To Europe -18.3% In Q1, To China -30.9%, To USA -17.4% -Around 80% Of Retail Outlets Closed In Europe; 70% In The US -"China Shows First Signs Of Recovery"

Some of this is just Trump making bad calls, but on an ideological level he sees the US-China relationship almost exclusively through an almost comically naive mercantilist lens that leads to awful takes like this.

This is more like it on US-China. Tough competition and fundamentals differences will be facts of life between China and the West, but it would be madness for that to prevent maximum cooperation for common benefit. Let’s get serious.

Survey in Germany, UK, US, China, India, South Korea, and Germany: 16% of people pay for news, those under 34 are likelier to pay for news than people over 55 @skeery  / Nieman Lab)


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Emmanuel Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against the U.S., China and Russia. But it was Germany in World Wars One & Two - How did that work out for France? They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along. Pay for NATO or not!

Almost certain China still has more coronavirus cases than US. China shut down all their movie theaters a second time last think they did that and had no new cases?

President Macron of France has just suggested that Europe build its own military in order to protect itself from the U.S., China and Russia. Very insulting, but perhaps Europe should first pay its fair share of NATO, which the U.S. subsidizes greatly!

Too long, we downplayed China's growing military might, belligerent policies in South/East China Seas, rising authoritarianism at home, international trade abuses and more. Now coronavirus lies and coverups. Well past time to reassess US China policy.

Please follow us, China's biggest newspaper group

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If Trump turns up in Modi rally in Houston then it will be the beginning a new era in global politics. But in the end remember the world order depends on a triangle of US China India as angles.

Inside the US-China Paris climate accord negotiations. Podesta uses personal account to email with State Dept

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There are only two women at the table for US-China trade talks. They are the interpreters.

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A new report illuminates U.S. intelligence concerns that Jared Kushner tried to mix personal business with U.S. China policy and made himself vulnerable to manipulation as a result

Cyber attack reported in 74 countries with UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Taiwan among those affected