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Messy cell death triggers the dangerous side of CAR T cell #immunotherapy , found scientists from the Chinese Academy of #Medical  Sciences in @SciImmunology :

A look back on the ‘messy exercise’ that was the Clinton impeachment trial

A useful first day at #WEF20  in Davos. At lunch we tried to sort out the fate of the world in the year to come. Increasingly messy would be the bottom line. And then I spent most of my time with issues of Russia and Ukraine. Formal as well as informal talks.

Snow beginning late tonight will continue off-and-on Thursday, and warming temperatures could lead to a couple messy days of snow, rain and wintry mix starting Friday.

Jesse Metcalfe and Cara Santana’s lengthy relationship is coming to a messy end.

Leadership Is Hard And Messy, Here’s What To Do When You Feel Stuck#smallbiz  #startup 

Things got messy with these three on Monday night's episode 😬😳

For the second weekend in a row, a storm system is going to bring messy weather to Western New York.

It looks like we are going to have a messy weekend with rain/snow mix on Saturday and some snowfall Sunday. Stay with News10NBC for details.

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"Styles make a good fight or a messy fight" The Sun goes 12 Rounds vs @BenGWhittaker 


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Drakes gotta send a cleaning lady over to marvins room. Its gettin kinda messy.

I'm in this fancy restaurant, the waiter just kindly asked me to "please take off your hat". So now I'm sitting here in public w messy hair.

If God made a mistake with you, you would be the first one. Trust Him when you’re under construction. Trust Him when you’re in messy places. Trust Him when you’re sure it’s a mistake.

The messy place is all a part of the process. It may be uncomfortable, you may not understand it, you may have brought the trouble on yourself, but it’s not a surprise to God. When He designed your plan, He took it into account.

The enemy will whisper, “You have too many flaws, too many weaknesses. You’ve made too many mistakes.” Just remind him, “I’m under construction. I may have some messy areas, but God’s still working on me.”

...the Ninth Circuit, which has a terrible record of being overturned (close to 80%). They used to call this "judge shopping!" Messy system.

Mine and calums room is the most messy room I've ever seen, always

HAHAHAHA just found this pic in my camera roll. messy hair look

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i'm a messy bitch, but at least i'm not voting for trump