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A poll has found there is little trust in MPs to make the right decisions on #Brexit . 🔸 14% of the public trust parliament to deliver the right outcome 🔸 32% trust the PM to make the right calls 🔸 16% trust Labour's Jeremy Corbyn on the issue

@KayBurley  pushes Labour's @jon_trickett  on whether Jeremy Corbyn would gain enough support from MPs to become a 'caretaker' prime minister. He insists he has "confidence" in Labour's leader. Watch#KayBurley 's new #Breakfast  show live:

Labour Remainers to fellow MPs: By supporting PM’s deal you are destroying the party @UKLabour 

Jeremy Corbyn has urged MPs to exercise caution in proposing a referendum on Johnson's deal. @ianpaynesport  asks: What do you make of the Labour leader's position?

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Labour remainers warn leave MPs: don’t help Johnson win his Brexit deal

Watson, McDonnell, Starmer, Thornberry ride roughshod over Labour policy. Here are MPs that might save it | The SKWAWKBOX

ICYMI: Labour MPs call on EU to compromise as they pledge to vote for new Brexit deal

Jeremy Corbyn will tell Labour MPs NOT to back Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal if goes to a Commons vote


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"When they ask you out, they don't present their rage... they don't threaten, criticise, control, yell" MPs applaud and comfort Labour's Rosie Duffield, as she shares her own experience of being in an abusive relationship

MPs applaud, as Labour's Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi tells Boris Johnson to apologise for "derogatory and racist remarks" comparing Muslim women who wear a hijab to "bank robbers and letterboxes" #PMQs  updates:

These are the people Jeremy Corbyn wants to run the country - and they’re already causing carnage in Parliament. Labour MPs want more talk and more indecision in Parliament, and are refusing to let you have your say with a general election. RT if you won’t stand for this

Wow. @BorisJohnson  responds to emotional plea by @paulasherriff  to stop using perjorative and 'dangerous' language like 'Surrender Act' (citing memory of Jo Cox and referring to new death threats to MPs), by saying her remarks are mere "Humbug". Total fury on Labour benches.

This moment will haunt Johnson - it was the moment the 26 pro-Brexit Labour MPs realised what a political price they would pay for supporting this liar and racist ...

"Of course people should call the police. Of course people should gather evidence. And of course people should try and intervene" Labour's @jessphillips  accuses MPs of "moving back the dial" on domestic abuse, saying it is "never a personal family matter"

Things to blame for Corbyn’s disastrous leadership: Centrist dads Journalists Labour MPs Voters Israel Tony Blair Opinion polls Me The Deputy Leader The Boogie Things definitely not to blame for Corbyn’s disastrous leadership: Corbyn Corbyn’s leadership Corbyn’s leadership team

I like & respect my local Labour MP, I like & respect many senior Labour MPs who’ve urged me to be patient but, right now, if I voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party I wouldn’t be able to look a Jew, an EU citizen, anyone set to be hurt by Brexit or myself in the eye ever again.

I am disappointed that these MPs have felt unable to continue to work together for the Labour policies that inspired millions at the last election and saw us increase our vote by the largest share since 1945.

We need Labour party members, trade unionists & MPs to unite behind my leadership at a critical time for our country

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