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I never met a woman like you Never tasted honey so sweet I never took anyone to Italy & had to be so discrete Never had anyone that I love to kiss Never kept a secret so tight Never had Words so hard to write that kept me up all night I'm so ecstatic I don't know what to do.

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RT *KlatuBaradaNiko Look what happens when you give water & honey to a thirsty butterfly Got little thank you at the end Heart suitButterfly *dodo

Attn: gardeners! Our honey bees are dying! Do not use or buy products containing neonicotinoids!

VIDEO: FR 🐝 It's been an 'exceptional' start to the season for beekeepers in France, they say, with warmer than usual temperatures and lower levels of pollution boosting honey-making

TOP 10 V MORRISON (studio) 1. Astral Weeks ⭐️ 2. Saint Dominic's Preview 🦁 3. Veedon Fleece 🐏 4. Moondance 🌕💃 5. Into the Music ⏩🎶 6. Beautiful Vision 🌻👀 7. Common One 1⃣ 8. Street Choir 🛣️😗 9. Inarticulate Speech... 🗨️ 10. Honey'>Tupelo Honey 🍯

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Have a go at this gloriously sticky sriracha chicken dish made with chilli sauce, honey and a pack of chicken thighs. It's ever so easy!

@dhoyt1967  Honey, of course all lives matter. Sadly, you’re missing the point and the entire reason this is even a hashtag... everyone is coming together, honing in on those who are being oppressed... Look at the bigger picture of what’s really going on, David.

A white woman who loves to promote herself publishes her newsletter without acknowledging the pain of racism. She then writes a 2nd newsletter to honest to god, to say she's "tone-deaf". No, honey, you're self-centered.


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Honey'>Happy Birthday Honey B ?!!! To my Telephone partner in crime, can you believe that was 8 years ago!? #HappyBdayBeyonce 

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giving you baby mama drama honey 💚

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Hello “HoneyBunnies...” Wishing you all the best, on this beautiful Sunday...

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Um, please honey@justinbieber  shave that moustache fuzzy thing above ur lip. #iloveyoubut  #itsgottago  :) xoxo

@ddlovato happy birthday honey! Have a lovely day! See ya soon

Eat, drink, dance, rob a bank, whatever honey!

yas honey the roaring twenties are BACK. the stock market? CRASHING. global pandemic? SPREADING. my speakeasy? THRIVING. my asscheeks? FLAPPING.

Ok, I say we all chip in and buy Whataburger back. Make honey butter chicken biscuits available all day, add kolaches to the menu and change nothing else. Especially not the ketchup.

Massive happy birthday to @Maddielovesyou1  have an amazing day honey! Lots of love !