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@SStirling  I'm still waiting for my "halloween reply " from NJ Transit to my oldest OPRA that is 1 year, 2 months old. Happy Birthday Lil' OPRA.

What’s making you happy? Ireland’s hockey women, Halloween faces and beach cleans via @IrishTimesLife 

Halloween may be over, but that just means candy is on sale now 🍭 Happy#NationalCandyDay ! What’s your favorite ?🍫

Halloween is old news!! Happy holidays!!!

Every single year.... October 31st: Ready for Halloween 🎃 November 1st: Happy Holiday season 🎄😂

Happy #GuyFawkes  Day, England! And good luck staving off the "unwelcome American cultural import" that is Halloween

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Happy #NationalCandyDay ! For those of you still eating your leftover Halloween candy, you can thank the weather for it.

Happy #NationalCandyDay ! 🍭 What Holiday treats are you obsessed with? Also, shout-out to those of you still eating your leftover Halloween candy!

Happy National Candy Day! But let's be honest...everyday right now is candy day as we try to work through those sweet treats from Halloween. 🍬 🍭 #wakeMEup  #CandyDayEveryDay 

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Happy belated Halloween. France doesn’t give a fuck but this restaurant gave it its all.