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Hey @SaraEisen  - two questions, and then I'll hang up and listen on my radio. 1. Are you at all familiar with Larry Summers' disastrous history 2. Why won't you ask him about his cozy friendship with Jeff Epstein?

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The job of the Fed isn’t just about setting policy. Communication is also key, particularly in a climate where the markets — and the president — hang onto the Fed’s every word.

For world's central banks, a call to hang together

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Hang onto your job description. It's your key to getting a raise:

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Plenty-o' storms out there right now. Minor street ponding is the largest threat. Hang in there #Brenham  storms are moving (arrows) your way... #khou11  #houston  #weather  Rain ends this evening then re-fires on the coast Saturday morning.

Um, anybody wanna come hang out with me tonight?

AIA, China Life propel Hang Seng Index to its best weekly finish in over two months

[1:40 PM 8/23/19] Shower activity is greatly decreasing across portions of E OK and NW AR. This decrease in activity should continue through the afternoon hours. Iso. showers and storms may hang on near the Red River through the afternoon. #okwx  #arwx 

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If 10 guys thinks it's ok to hang with 1 Nazi then they just became 11 Nazis. Alt right / white supremacist it's just nazis. Fuck Nazis.

Really love you guys. Excited for you to hear all the new music. Feels like its been forever working on it, put all i have into this album. Hang in there just a little longer x

Meet Keaton Jones a very smart little boy who is being bullied at school. This video is heartbreaking!! I want to bring Keaton to Vegas and hang out at UFC Headquarters. If anyone knows how i can reach the family please let me know. Thank u everyone

hello girls...i think we should all hang out very soon....all of us...together....often. ;)

I think today was our best hang out yet. @TheEllenShow  u got me. Lol

Yeah I did. RT @justinbieber : I think today was our best hang out yet. @TheEllenShow  u got me. Lol

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so badass that i can just sit with my band for and just hang out with them for like 4 hours. shows how close we are. except Calum @Calum5SOS 

i will pay for your entire trip. take care of the extras give you all the free merch you can carry for both you and your brother and hang out with you so we can take selfies!!! i mean... if that's okay with you?

The President of the United States saying that our Vice President would love to hang all gay people. Evil pieces of shit.