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Making Money with Charles Payne Today's Theme Song (I'm in studio jamming with @DiMartinoBooth ) Uncle Kracker - Drift Away

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Making Money with Charles Payne Today's Theme Song Doobie Brothers ~ What A fool Believes (1979)


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The Great Charles Payne@cvpayne  correctly stated that Fed Chair Jay Powell made TWO enormous mistakes. 1. When he said “mid cycle adjustment.” 2. We’re data dependent. “He did not do the right thing.” I agree (to put it mildly!). @Varneyco 

“Fox News has learned that Bruce Ohr wrote Christopher Steele following the firing of James Comey saying that he was afraid the anti-Trump Russia probe will be exposed.” Charles Payne How much more does Mueller have to see? They have blinders on - RIGGED!

The Mainstream Media Disdain for President Trump Almost Pushed America Into a Recession (but economic underpinnings strongest in decades). I'll share my thoughts and data on Making Money with Charles Payne check me out 2PM

Charles Payne “Piece of news today that has been totally underreported, the vice chair of the Federal Reserve spoke, he said some things that I think if they’re repeated by Jay Powell tomorrow the DOW will be up 500 points. Write this down I’m saying this right now" Nov 27, 2018

Conservative Star Candace Owens, communications director for Turning Point USA joined Charles Payne to discuss the growing #WalkAway  movement and why conservatism is becoming more and more attractive...

I regret I did not catch this remark, as it should have been challenged. As a proud military veteran and son of a Vietnam Vet these words neither reflect my or the network’s feelings about Senator McCain, or his remarkable service and sacrifice to this country.” Charles V. Payne

Breaking News Rand Paul stepping up will vote for Pompeo Great News I'll have more on Making Money with Charles Payne@FoxBusiness 

“I'm back hosting Making Money w/ Charles Payne tonight on @FoxBusiness  helping Americans take control of their financial destiny.”

Read VERY racy emails allegedly sent by CNN analyst Scottie Nell Hughes to Fox's Charles Payne during their affair

Fox Biz confirms that anchor Charles Payne "is suspended pending further investigation."