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‘Johnson is a liar who only backed Leave to help his career’ – David Cameron - "Brexiters were enraged by his suggestion that a second referendum might be necessary and that the Vote Leave campaign lied."

‘I’m livid,’ sculptor says as Brexiters use her sundial artwork

‘I’m livid,’ sculptor says as Brexiters use her sundial artwork

‘I’m livid,’ sculptor says as Brexiters use her sundial artwork

Would Brexiters'>Conservative Brexiters take part in second referendum, or just ignore it and declare it illegitimate?

it's always funny how Brexiters must completely turn around their arguments when they want to argue that Wales and Scotland should remain part of the union

Brexit draws nearer like a tough, daunting exam that we haven't done nearly enough revision for. You can feel the mood changing every day. No wonder Brexiters are getting twitchy. They should be. Everyone else is.

"What remains infuriating about many arch-Brexiters is they seem not to care a jot about the impact on ordinary people..." #brexit 

"It will be interesting to see how many arch-Brexiters, if they do take us into a no-deal nightmare, will in coming years and decades be heading out of London to see the damage they have done to the lives of ordinary people."

Anti-Brexiters file new legal challenge to force article 50 extension


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The minute Brexiters have to write down their ‘plan’, expose it to scrutiny & explain the detail, the whole thing will fall apart. This holds whatever the plan is. No deal is now the only way they get to continue refusing to write anything down. It really is this simple & tragic.

I don’t want to hear one more word about “democracy” from Brexiters. That goose is cooked. You’re done. #StopTheCoup 

A year ago when I started explaining, repeatedly, why we were heading toward no deal or no Brexit the angriest denials came from Brexiters. They are now almost unanimous in claiming that they wanted no deal all along. It’s so hard to reach people who are lying to themselves.

It’s a peculiar anomaly that Brexiters can clearly recall World War 2 yet have no apparent memory of The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

These numbers still have to be verified. But what is striking is that even in strongly Leave areas, there was a pronounced swing from Labour to the Remainy LibDems and Greens. Which gives the lie to view among Labour Brexiters that Labour did badly for not being Brexity enough.

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Two things. 1) These are not petitioning-signing bots. They are very passionate people. 2) They want to revoke Article 50 and stay in the EU. Unsurprisingly there are no Brexiters here, or at least none I can see. So, as of now, they show the nation’s wounds, not a healing

after this grovelling abasement before Trump I dont want to hear the word “sovereignty” EVER drop from the mouths of Brexiters

Brexiters: We hold all the cards! Europe: ....We’re playing chess.

The most important thing to do in the coming days (along with the petition & march) is to resist the desperate attempts of senior Brexiters to cast criticism of them as insulting Brexit voters. The former are discredited, delusional & deceitful; the latter our friends & family.

"Brexiters promised £350 million a week to their citizens, instead they have to pay billions of euros. They promised a global Britain, instead they got a lonely Britain." Former European Commissioner Viviane Reding is "saddened British people [are] victim to political crooks".