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Twitter: "Oh noooo, Arya and Dany are getting all bloodthirsty and going bad!"

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Arya Stark’s kill list gets an update. 😯

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"Taylor Swift’s new song is about Arya Stark: All the evidence" (via @EW):
“I’m finally going home. Come with me.”
Watch a clip of Arya from “Stormborn.”
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Long live the Starks! We’ve reunited Jon, Sansa, Arya and Bran for our #GameOfThrones covers this week:
I know everybody's all about Dany and her dragons, but for my money Arya Stark is the baddest of them all. #GameOfThrones
.@Maisie_Williams as Arya Stark. #GoTS7 #GameofThrones
(Photo Helen: Sloan/HBO)
"Arya has this piece of very incriminating evidence against Sansa."
Get an inside look at "Beyond the Wall" from the creators of #GoT.
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