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Former CIA Director Brennan's bizarre tweet condemning killing of Iranian scientist sparks criticism

The #Arizona  State Legislature is scheduled to hold an #ElectionIntegrity  hearing that will include President Trump’s lawyers @JennaEllisorg  and @MayorRGiuliani. 

everyone doing the card swipe task

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The @washingtonpost  is an apologist for a murderous, gay-killing terrorist regime.

KRAKEN.🚨 "We've got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest." Uh oh. It looks like @SidneyPowell1  got the *RECEIPTS.*🔻

“For purposes of National Security, Section 230 must be immediately terminated!!!” - @realDonaldTrump 

NOW HEAR THIS: Tonight on @newsmax  at 7pm EST I will host the Great @MayorRGiuliani  on what’s happening, the journey to the Supreme Court, t #arizonahearinge  , Pennsylvania FRAUD. Thank you for your ATTENTION.


Scoops of the Day

Warning: If Georgia uses the same Dominion machines for their Senate runoff in a few weeks, it will effectively overwrite any digital forensic evidence of fraud during the General Election. Those machines need to be impounded ASAP. @SidneyPowell1  @LLinWood  @realDonaldTrump 

Wondering who might be behind the alleged mass voter fraud? Read “Unrestricted Warfare”, a master plan written by a pair of Chinese People Liberation Army colonels on how to destroy the United States without firing a single bullet. You may find your answer within the book.

I didn't want to do this but @DonaldJTrumpJr  took 15 minutes out of his busy day and treated me better than BLM ever could. Thank you all.

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🚨BREAKING: While on Steve Bannon's War Room, @DVM4Congress  announces the PA legislature will draft a joint resolution to take back power from the Secretary of State in the appointment of presidential electors.

@MayorRGiuliani  and me on Third Circuit’s opinion: The activist judicial machinery in Pennsylvania continues to cover up the allegations of massive fraud. We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to present proof and the facts to the PA state legislature. On to SCOTUS!

🚨🚨🚨Arizona State Legislature to hold hearing on election @MayorRGiulianintegrity  Monday< @realDonaldTrumpa>,  November 30. Mayor @MayorRGiuliani  and I will be present on behalf of Preside @realDonaldTrumpt'  alt='realdonaldtrumpt'>Preside @realDonaldTrumpt'  /'>@realdonaldtrumpt'>Preside @realDonaldTrumpt   .


Scoops of the Week

@SidneyPowell1  has been suspended from Twitter for 12 hours. She understands the WH press release & agrees with it. She is staying the course to prove the massive deliberate election fraud that robbed #WeThePeople  of our votes for President Trump & other Republican candidates.

I told my daughter to grab her mask so we can go to the store. This was the mask she grabbed.

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saved the puppy from getting eaten by an alligator and never dropped his cigar, a true legend

Hi my name is Stephen I’m a kid from Africa i play basketball and would love to study and play for a school in America please if there’s someone out there who can help me please do but if you can’t please help me retweet this till an nba player or highschool coach sees it

If you want to know why COVID relief is tied up in Congress, one key reason is that Republicans are demanding legal immunity for corporations so they can expose their workers to COVID without repercussions. Dems don’t want you to die for a check. That’s what we’re fighting over.

I can’t even believe these pics are real and it’s MY family 🤩😭🤍

The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency...