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Let’s be very clear, what we saw yesterday was an attack on our country and on democracy. This was an act of terrorism - not patriotism.

It’s March Again?!?! Ode to a full year spent in quarantine ? @johnlegend  @FallonTonight 

Thank you,thank you, thank you @justinbieber  for playing classroom instruments with us. Always down for something fun. I love you for that. Congrats on #PEACHES !!!! ???? @FallonTonight  @theroots 

My friend used to think the Backstreet Boys were from Rhode Island because the song went, “Backstreet’s Back: RI!” #MisheardLyrics 

When the curtain opened up and I saw a full crowd on its feet applauding - and it was the only sound for a few seconds - it was like a life recharge. So happy. So grateful. See you in September. We missed you Broadway. #broadwayisback 

Well I’m pointing my finger, yes I’m pointing my finger, point it at youuuuu. Happy Birthday@MickJagger !

Anything I can do to help you keep saving millions of lives - I will do. That being said, you didn’t tell me it was poop water before I drank it. Logging out, Jimmy


Thank you @BTS_twt , #BTSArmy , & NYC for an amazing show! Couldn’t have done it without you guys. #BTSonFallon 

Yo @JohnCena  getting a call out from @BTS_twt  - you hear this? #BTSonFallon 

We had to sneak into Katz’s Deli!!! Sorry #BTSArmy !!! #BTSonFallon 

A Run BTS and Rev Run! @BTS_twt  is coming up next! #BTSonFallon