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West Wing are the magic words to get me chatting. Don’t tell anyone.
Rewind right now! Great report just now by @chucktodd on Michael Cohen rigging online polls for Trump.
Makes sense with his seniority. Best hideaway I saw was Lloyd Bentsen’s.
Make SOTU Great Again!

Do it in writing.
@AriMelber It depends on, among other things, how many formerly broken bones are involved in the process. It's not really necessary for me now but it has become a very pleasant habit that's hard to break.
Great reporting @msnbc by Steve @PattersonNBC today on LA teachers strike.
Things PRESIDENTS don’t usually say:

Nixon: I am not a crook.

Trump: I never worked for Russia.
Just landed safely and early at JFK thanks to brilliant Air Traffic Controllers who are working and not being paid.

Thank you @NATCA
This is much more important for reporters to read than Trump tweets. https://t.co/t1c77ie2UJ
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