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Ok you now know more than most people covering DC. Please stop showing how easy it is.
@NateSilver538 The correct Dem message is “Trump shut down the government because Mexico didn’t pay for the wall.”

But Dems have never been the ‘keep it simple’ party.
Shutdowns on their watch:

@Reince Priebus 0

John Kelly 1

And Kelly is the upgrade?
It’s now impossible to make the case that John Kelly is a better chief of staff than @Reince Priebus.

Would Priebus have pushed Trump toward shutdown like Kelly did?

Is Kelly the most politically incompetent chief of staff in history?
John Kelly is 1st White House chief of staff to steer a President to a shutdown with a Congress controlled by his party.

So worst chief of staff ever?https://t.co/RZaWPqNxmD
LA march right now ...
LA march right now ...
LA march right now ...
Special @TheLastWord shutdown coverage at 10pm.
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