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Today @realDonaldTrump lawyer took the 5th.

Tonight Stormy Daniels lawyer @MichaelAvenatti will NOT take the 5th @TheLastWord 10pm.
Has White House told Ronny Jackson that a Friday night nomination withdrawal is traditional for these situations? https://t.co/RyzJV2S8nj
Visiting the ancient murals of Hollywood today.
Here’s how I began my day. Lucky to know him. An honor to work with him.
Does this look like running? Or jogging? It sure doesn’t look like not running.
Senator Chuck Schumer was born in Brooklyn 24 years after poet Allen Ginsburg was born in Newark.

Today the senator endorsed legalization of marijuana 52 years after the poet did.

Poetry is always ahead of politics.
Fred, the orange ribbon you gave me is always with me. Just donated.
RT @Kasparov63: I'll leave analysis for the lawyers. But if they can threaten to seize Russian assets, a court in NYC has more influence ov…https://t.co/I4r3pRrOH9https://t.co/UWrMS7bRZf
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