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Typically disgracefully weak first question from American reporter from Reuters chosen by White House for first question.
Russia launched a war against the United States of America in 2016. And won.
@CharlizeAfrica @TheRock Well ... I guess the VP doesn’t have to be “a natural born citizen” as long as nothing happens to the President. And nothing bad ever happens to @TheRock so no problem!
White House Correspondents Association disgraces itself by not having a policy to unite all correspondents against this.https://t.co/qB1c9hARoO
Russian military did not “meddle” in our election. They worked very hard for candidate Trump and they did it illegally.
Why the attempt by Trump’s fanatics in the House to impeach Rod Rosenstein will fail miserably @TheLastWord 10pm
Tonight the man whose emails were stolen by Russians joins @TheLastWord 10pm. @johnpodesta will give his reaction to the indictment's description of how he was attacked.
Tonight's @TheLastWord lineup on the new indictments: @JillWineBanks @DavidCornDC @davidfrum @JoyceWhiteVance @djrothkopf
Trump now has exactly ONE agenda item with Putin: the EXTRADITION of every Russian indicted for attacking the USA.
Looks like dress code defiance might not be Jim Jordan’s worst offense. https://t.co/hlinOOriNh via @TPM
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