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California prosecutors say they have unearthed a scheme that resulted in the state approving more than $140 million in unemployment benefits for at least 20,000 prisoners, including convicted murderer Scott Peterson. (CORRECTS number of prisoners)

🎧: Last year, experts predicted 2020 would break tourism records, but after the state shut down due to the coronavirus, billions of dollars were lost. @occompt  Phil Diamond joins @NewsGuyGreg   & @garyzephed  to explain. Download: (Corrects link)

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(CORRECTS headline on story) The U.S. economy rebounded at a record pace of 33.1% in the July-September quarter, unchanged from the first estimate a month ago. But a resurgence in the coronavirus is expected to slow growth sharply in the current quarter.

FX: GBP/USD corrects -0.25% from the top-end of the (daily) published @Hedgeye  Risk Range

President Trump ran as a strong economic manager, but some places with the strongest growth flipped to Joe Biden in 2020. How the 2020 election deepened America’s white-collar/blue-collar split. (corrects typo)

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Merck is buying the biopharmaceutical company OncoImmune, which has reported positive results from a late-stage study of a Covid-19 therapeutic candidate (corrects an earlier tweet, which has been deleted, that said this was a study of a vaccine candidate)

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Georgia's secretary of state is set to certify the election results, declaring Biden the winner after a hand recount. Trump will have until Tuesday to ask for a machine recount. (Corrects earlier tweet, now deleted, saying the results had been certified.)

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For younger readers who have been confused by the term “fake news...” this deleted tweet from a Trump campaign spokesman showing a doctored newspaper front page is a textbook example of actual “fake news.” The newspaper corrects the record below...

Insane by @Twitter  @jack  I hope Twitter corrects this. @drdavidsamadi  is a friend and once treated me & is consistently named as one of best doctors in America. I thought we were supposed to "support the science?" Does some 20 yr old at Twitter know more than @drdavidsamadi  ?

The way of Jesus, which leads to peace, passes through forgiveness, for one evil never corrects another evil and no resentment is ever good for the heart.

Hillary Clintoncorrects interviewer who mixed-up black politicians Eric Holder and Cory Booker by saying, "I know they all look alike" Seriously. No, seriously. Watch. Then Hillary Clinton laughs hysterically at her own racist comment. No joke.

An archaic and medieval practice has finally been confined to the dustbin of history! Parliament abolishes Triple Talaq and corrects a historical wrong done to Muslim women. This is a victory of gender justice and will further equality in society. India rejoices today!

Raab ‘correctsStarmer and points out that capacity is at 40,000 and says the govt are working with commercial partners to get to 100k. Starmer: I didn’t need correcting because I pointed out the actual test figure which is 18k. Ouch #PMQs 

The Leap Day alone overcorrects the calendar, requiring we remove a Leap Day every century year. But that under-corrects the calendar, requiring we put a Leap Day back in, every four centuries. Behold the Gregorian Calendar.

Pelosi Says Trump Wants To Ruin ‘Christmas’ — Immediately Corrects Herself To Say ‘Holiday’ LOL

I hope the White Housecorrects the record and denounces in categorical terms this ridiculous request from Putin. Not doing so creates moral equivalency between a legitimacy US indictment of Russian intelligence officers and a crazy, completely fabricated story invented by Putin