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"A new @espn  ad features uplifting sports moments such as the recent National Hockey League game in which a Zamboni driver filled in as a last-minute goalie. It ends with the message 'We miss it, too.'"

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50 jets to park in Macon during COVID-19 outbreak, commissioners vote to get new Zamboni

The Zamboni: from Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun, Trailing the bulky beast with its top speed of 15.6 km/h, there’s a surprising history, a lot of water under the blade. For nine decades, it has been the first on the ice every day and last off, still…

SWEET RIDE: They’re clunky and slow, but the fascination with the Zamboni lives on

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I’ve always wanted to be a zamboni driver. Kinda of feeling like one now as I clean the anchor desk surface before @victorjfaust  and @jhuda  take the set for @FOX2now  at 5. #COVID19 

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Giacomo Zamboni’s Stealth House fits right into its rural Swiss location

A very Canadian way to deal with a very Canadian problem. How a Zamboni may be the answer to a goose poop problem. @CTVBradMacLeod  reports.

The poop zamboni is here to revolutionize cleanup and comedy.

Zamboni machine debuted at Montreal Forum this night 65 years ago, 1st ever use in a Cdn NHL arena. Keith Tombs began driving one in 1967, 6 years after he arrived for a Forum summer job. Here's Keith today. How long has he been driving for #GoHabsGo ? “I’ve won 12 Stanley Cups.”

B.C. official uses "poop zamboni" to clear goose droppings from soccer fields. "I tried it on the rainiest day possible — wet fields, wet poop, a fresh motherlode of it, and it swept it up beautifully."

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Incredible 😳 42-year-old zamboni driver David Ayres subbed in as an emergency goalie for the Canes and got his first NHL win! (via @Sportsnet )

This story is awesome 🙌 David Ayres, a 42-year-old zamboni driver, subbed in as an emergency goalie for the Canes and got the standing ovation after his first NHL win! (via @NHLCanes )

“I was a little shocked, but I’m lovin it”~ The Zamboni driver who is now an undefeated @NHL  goalie I love everything about this man Mr Ayres

NHL: What could possibly be a bigger story than Alex Ovechkin scoring his 700th goal?! Leafs: Hold our minor league Zamboni driver’s beer...

To be clear, David Ayres is: ▶️ Tonight's @NHLCanes  emergency goalie ▶️ 42 years old ▶️ A Zamboni driver ▶️ A kidney transplant survivor

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The emergency backup goalie is in! David Ayres, a Zamboni'>Toronto Marlies Zamboni driver, makes his @NHL  debut 👏👏

The moment a Toronto Marlies and Mattamy Athletic Zamboni'>Center Zamboni driver becomes an NHL goalie. 🤯

Fifteen years ago, David Ayres, the Zamboni driver who recently played in an NHL game, needed a kidney transplant and received the kidney from his mother. We surprised him with a call from his mom this morning!

So much praise for Dave Ayres 🙌 The 42-year-old Zamboni driver completed his journey from kidney transplant to winning an NHL game as the Carolina Hurricanes' emergency goalie last night. (via @NHLCanes )