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Explosive details about the Uranium One scandal continue to come out… @GreggJarrett and @SaraCarterDC are next #Hannity
BREAK 3 – A Democratic Congressman is reportedly being interviewed by the FBI... Next @larryelder and @GeraldoRivera will discuss why
.@newtgingrich responds next to Congress’ latest misuse of taxpayer money #Hannity
#Hannity starts in 30 minutes with @SebGorka, @MonicaCrowley and Rebecca Rose Woodland reacting to the latest Democrat scandals
Tonight on #Hannity I’m joined by @newtgingrich, @SebGorka, @MonicaCrowley, Rebecca Rose Woodland, @GreggJarrett, @SaraCarterDC, @larryelder, @GeraldoRivera and more
Former chairwoman of the DNC @donnabrazile joins me on radio to talk about her explosive new book, HACKS: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House https://t.co/MRNYLKxrxF
Next @newtgingrich will weigh on whether the Clintons may finally be facing their day of reckoning #Hannity
There is new breaking news about the Uranium One scandal… @SaraCarterDC, Victoria Toensing and John Solomon have the facts next #Hannity
Next I get more reactions to the scandals rocking the media tonight with Rebecca Rose Woodland and @GreggJarrett #Hannity
Is it finally time for the Clintons to apologize to the American people for their behavior over recent decades? #Hannity
#Hannity starts in 30 minutes with @michellemalkin and @SebGorka reacting to the mainstream media’s hypocrisy and bias over the years
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