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WATCH: CNN and MSNBC's glowing coverage of Russia-backed anti-Trump rally in NYC... https://t.co/Y1gso1knV8
“Obama was President up to, and beyond, the 2016 Election. So why didn’t he do something about Russian meddling?” asks Trump https://t.co/iIRCA8VD6c
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Rush Limbaugh had some strong words about the Russia probe… We have the video and @parksesq and @dbongino will react #Hannity
Attorney General Jeff Sessions just made a huge announcement about potential Obama-era surveillance abuses... @ByronYork and @SebGorka weigh in next #Hannity
The mainstream media goes out of their way to attack President Trump… @michellemalkin is next with reaction to the latest examples #Hannity
Looking forward to .@CPAC 2018! If you're attending make sure to stop by and watch #Hannity Live at 9:00 PM this Wednesday & Thursday. COME SEE US!
Tonight on #Hannity I will be joined by @SaraCarterDC, David Schoen, @GreggJarrett, @michellemalkin, @ByronYork, @SebGorka, @parksesq, @dbongino and more
The view of the elk from our radio caller Kathleen in Silver Bow, Montana
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